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Today we are doing an Altrady review, a comprehensive trading terminal that allows cryptocurrency investors to buy and sell on multiple exchanges from a single platform.

You can use Altrady to monitor all of your favorite coins and track their respective prices in real-time. The terminal also offers a variety of charts and tools that make technical analysis much easier.

Let’s take a closer look at Altrady

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Altrady is a high-grade trading terminal allowing the traders to sell and buy multiple currencies on various exchanges from one platform. The terminal has a user-friendly interface and provides all the necessary tools for an efficient trading activity. Altrady is not just another ordinary terminal but offers a host of features that make it competitive and unique in the market.

The first thing that traders would appreciate about Altrady is its comprehensiveness. It enables investors to conduct transactions on multiple exchanges simultaneously without having to switch between windows or platforms. This can be quite convenient and time-saving, especially when there are big moves in the markets. In addition, Altrady offers a wide range of order types including market, limit, stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop orders.


  • Large selection of features and tools that can be customized
  • Accurate portfolio tracker with journaling capabilities
  • Extensive education and training library to improve trading skills


  • Not suitable for beginner traders that want simplicity
  • Variable pricing that is often higher and includes broker fees


Altrady is a cryptocurrency trading platform that was created to provide easy crypto trading access to everyone. It’s a comprehensive set of tools that may be used with most of the major crypto exchanges on the market. It

Altrady Review: Powerful trading tools for serious crypto traders 1

The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s got all the features you need to make informed trading decisions, including real-time charts, order books, and market data. You can also use altrady to set stop losses and take profits, as well as to manage your portfolio.

Let’s dive deeper to learn more about Altrady

What is Altrady?

Altrady is a cryptocurrency trading terminal, providing access to multiple exchanges with one account. The user-friendly interface provides real-time data on the spot prices of the major cryptocurrencies. Any trade deals are executed through an API connection with your exchange accounts.

Who started Altrady?

Benoist Claassen started the company after years of being part of the trading world. He heard what traders wanted and responded with Altrady, a comprehensive trading terminal with several innovative features. Some of the most useful tools will be discussed below, but please feel free to have a look at the free trial edition here if you like the appearance of it.

How does Altrady work?

Altrady Review: Powerful trading tools for serious crypto traders 2

Altrady integrates market data from more than 40 cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can choose between 17 different exchanges for their base currency, including some of the most popular ones like Binance, Kraken and HitBTC.

The altrady platform features automated stop loss settings based on predefined rules, which will help minimize losses in case of sudden price changes or high volatility. It also supports margin trading (up to 3x) and algorithmic trading for enhanced performance while keeping risks at bay under control.

Altrady Supported exchanges:

Binance, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Coinexchange, Cryptopia, HitBTC, Huobi Global, Kraken, KuCoin and Poloniex.

Altrady Features:

Altrady’s growing appeal among crypto traders is evident when we look at all of its characteristics. When we examine all of Altrady’s features, its popularity becomes obvious. With a plethora of powerful tools built right into Altraday, traders may profit from a wide range of advantages. Most individuals would value most the increased earnings, but Altrady also helps to minimize cryptocurrency market volatility and make trading more time-efficient in general.

Smart Trading

Altrady comes with a comprehensive toolkit, allowing traders to use complex trading methods. The Take Profit Order is one such option, which is intended to assist investors in optimizing their profits and maximizing their gains during fast price fluctuations. Other options, such as the Trailing Stop Order, allow you to minimize risks while preserving your profits.

Web Trading

Altrady provides anybody the ability to exchange cryptocurrency at any time and place. The Altrady application is compatible with all major desktop and mobile platforms, as well as the web platform that may be used from any device. You won’t have to worry about missing out on a fantastic chance again when you use Altrady.

Trading Analytics

Traders who do not have access to adequate data frequently lose money through trading. Altrady allows traders instant and simple access to high-quality historical data and market analyses, allowing them to gain complete knowledge before making a trade.

Real-Time Market and Alerts

In a highly unpredictable environment like cryptocurrency, having the correct information is just as essential as having it on time. Traders using Altrady gain immediate notifications about all significant price changes, allowing them to trade with confidence.


Altrady may be used with almost all of the most popular exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Kraken, BitMex, and many others. You will no longer have to pick between platforms or waste time learning how to use a new one.

Portfolio Manager

Keeping track of all of their trades and investments is one of the most crucial aspects for crypto traders. Altrady provides a well-designed portfolio that allows investors to keep track of all their current assets as well as their trade history with ease.

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan feature allows traders to be immediately informed about price changes with the potential for scalping possibilities and other possible gains. Quick Scan will notice any change in price, both up or down, and notify you of all significant events on the market.

Crypto Base Scanner

Crypto Base Scaner is a useful tool that allows traders to significantly boost their earnings while using the QFL approach. Crypto Base Scanner scans the market for good entry points and notifies the user as soon as it identifies an opportunity to make money with the QFL strategy.

Who should use Altrady?

We have found that Altrady is not designed for all traders. The platform is rich with features and is designed for experienced investors that want all the bells and whistles and knows how to use them. New traders may prefer to use TradingView vs. Altrady if they want a more user-friendly interface that is less complicated.

The more serious investor should consider Altrady as they do focus on delivering faster price alerts so you can enter a trade quicker.

Is Altrady safe?

API keys allow Altrady to connect the exchange to itself, which is considered a secure choice. API does not allow users to withdraw money; it simply allows them to place orders. Permissions, on the other hand, may be modified via an API key on your exchange.

What are people saying about Altrady?

Altrady has so far been well-received by traders all around the world. The intuitive interface and comprehensive set of features makes it easier for traders to make informed decisions and achieve better results.

“Altrady is one of the most impressive pieces of software I have ever used when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. The depth of data available, real-time charts and order books make it an essential tool for anyone looking to make money in this market.”

Altrady Pricing:

The Altrady platform is available in three different tiers, each of which is appropriate for traders with varying levels of experience and earnings targets.

Basic: EUR 14.95/mo: – Apart from a few complex trading tactics and analytics, the basic plan offers almost all of Altrady’s capabilities except for certain advanced trading techniques and analytics. It is an excellent starting place for anybody interested in Altrady who wishes to upgrade to a more suitable plan at a later date.

Essential: EUR 29.95/mo – Users of this plan receive all benefits from abaove plan but will miss out on two exclusive features that are available only to Premium customers – Base Scanner and Quick Scanner.

Premium Plan: EUR 44.95/mo -This plan is designed to meet the needs of advanced and professional traders who have many demanding requirements compared to others.

These options can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Those opting for a full year’s worth of service receive a 30 percent price reduction, making it an appealing option to consider. Those who want to investigate the platform more before joining may take advantage of the 14-day free trial and then subscribe after they are satisfied with its service.

Altrady alternatives

One of the biggest drawbacks for Altrady is that it’s a bit pricey compared to other similar services. There are other trading platforms that provide a feature-packed service at much lower prices, making them a great Altrady alternative.

One such option to consider is TradingView. See our review on TradingView here.

Altrady final thoughts

Overall, Altrady is an exceptional platform that offers a vast amount of features for the experienced investor. The web and desktop versions are well designed and easy to use, while the mobile version is highly functional and adaptable. The portfolio manager is extremely beneficial for keeping track of all investments, and the quick scan provides alerts about opportunities as they happen. Overall, we believe that this is an excellent choice for those who want to make money trading cryptocurrencies.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive trading terminal that allows you to buy and sell on multiple exchanges from a single platform, Altrady is an excellent choice. With its rich feature set and focus on delivering real- alerts, Altrady allows traders to invest with confidence.

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