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Have you been searching for the perfect Christmas gift for your friend, family member, or loved one, that is fanatical about crypto?

We researched and found the best gifts that any crypto enthusiast would love to find under the Christmas tree this year.

What should you buy someone who loves crypto?

Our cryptocurrency Christmas gift list for crypto enthusiasts covers all the bases of the cryptocurrency fan’s needs, from cryptocurrency themed apparel and accessories, to cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain books to trading education and more.

Let’s dive in to the best crypto gifts you can give this holiday season.


The most obvious of all these answers is to buy the true crypto fan some more crypto but there are some things to know before you do:

When buying someone crypto, it’s best to keep it simple. It’s typically better to buy a major digital asset like Bitcoin or Ethereum vs. an obscure coin that is hard to find.

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile so be prepared for the cryptocurrency price to change drastically.

Finally, cryptocurrency can be extremely easy to lose, so think carefully before giving someone cryptocurrency as a gift.

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Cryptocurrency themed apparel and accessories

A must have for anyone who loves crypto is cryptocurrency themed clothing or accessories. These items are perfect because they show the world your fanatical love of cryptocurrency without being overtly cryptocurrency specific. Most cryptocurrency themed wearables come with either the cryptocurrency logo, the cryptocurrency font, or general cryptocurrency symbols.

Some of our favorite cryptocurrency themed clothing is listed below:

Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto hoodie

This hoodie was designed out of respect for the founder and creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Along with one of the most popular designs, it’s also made from high quality materials that will last for years to come.

Top rated & best crypto Christmas gifts in 2022 1

Get your Satoshi Nakamoto hoodie here

Crypto shirt for golfers

A true addict is proud to display their love for crypto and golf. If you know someone that loves golf and crypto, they need this shirt.

Top rated & best crypto Christmas gifts in 2022 2

Give this crypto shit to your golf friend or family member

Crypto Hat

Have you ever had a discussion with someone about cryptocurrency and they gave you a long, lost, stare. Inside they are thinking… cryptowhat? That is what we first said before we became raging fans and now are wear our CryptoWhat gear everywhere.

Top rated & best crypto Christmas gifts in 2022 3

Grab your CryptoWhat hat here.

Crypto hardware wallet

All cryptocurrency holders should have a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, especially if they own any significant amount of cryptocurrency.

Hardware wallets are a really good present because a cryptocurrency enthusiast may have been meaning to buy a cryptocurrency wallet themselves but never got around to buying one yet.

One of our favorite cryptocurrency hardware wallets is the Ledger Nano X.

Top rated & best crypto Christmas gifts in 2022 4

This is a great cryptocurrency gift because it holds a large number of coins, it’s easy to use, and there is even a free cryptocurrency app for managing cryptocurrency from your cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

Check out the Ledger Nano X here

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Cryptocurrency books

Books about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and economics are great presents for anyone that wants to know more about this rapidly growing space.

If you know someone who already has a strong grasp of the blockchain and how cryptocurrency works, a book on cryptocurrency trading may be the perfect gift.

One of our favorite cryptocurrency books is Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing . This cryptocurrency book is a great cryptocurrency gift because it breaks down all the fundamental concepts in cryptocurrency investing, helping cryptocurrency beginners get started.

Here is a list of our favorite cryptocurrency books

Trading Education

Anyone who is going to be taking cryptocurrency trading serious should have access to the best tools. This means charting software to better read and gauge the markets. You can buy someone you adore cryptocurrency trading research and cryptocurrency trading analysis which allows them to study cryptocurrency trading patterns and cryptocurrency trading strategies on a daily basis.

Our favorite software for cryptocurrency charting and analysis is TradingView.

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Crypto Coin Price Ticker

Instead of checking the phone every 5 minutes, now your crypto friend or family member can just stare at this crypto price ticker to watch their favorite 10 coins prices, aggregated from

Top rated & best crypto Christmas gifts in 2022 5

Product can be found in Etsy. Check it out here.

Bitcoin LED Light

This crypto LED illusion lamp is a must-have for any crypto fanatic.  Looks cool practically anywhere and will impress anyone, including the non-crypto fan. 

Top rated & best crypto Christmas gifts in 2022 6

Find it on Etsy here. 

Final thoughts on Christmas gifts for your favorite crypto fan

We hope this list of cryptocurrency themed presents helps you find the perfect cryptocurrency gift for your cryptocurrency fanatic this Christmas.

We will keep our eyes open and update this page if we come across other cool holiday gifts crypto fans can appreciate.

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