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FREE Cryptocurrency Converter

Calculate the value of your Bitcoin & crypto with this free tool.
bitcoin currency calculator

Find out how much your cryptocurrency is worth

Find out how much your Bitcoin is worth using this free Bitcoin currency converter.

How many satoshis in a dollar? You can use this calculator to convert the most popular cryptocurrencies and determine the value paired to the dollar, or other currencies, including other cryptos. 

Directions for calculating the value of your Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency using free converter:

satoshi to usd calculator

Field 1: Input quantity of coins. Select the up and down arrows to choose the quantity of coins you have. 

Field 2: Total value of your coins. Calculates the quantity and price of coin and gives you total value. 

Field 3: Type of coin you want to calculate. Choose a coin such as Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple. You can choose the drop down box and start typing out the ticker symbols or correct spelling of coin and then select it once it appears. 

Field 4: Unit of conversion. Select currency to compare value