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The Most Comprehensive Crypto Trading Education

Access over 100 videos showing every single way we have discovered to profit with crypto. 

This is just a little bit of what you will learn

Bitcoin Growth Mentorship 1

Bitcoin & Blockchain 101

This section introduces you to Bitcoin and teaches you important lessons regarding safely buying and storing coins.

Bitcoin Growth Mentorship 2

Crypto Trading Fundamentals

Here we go over crucial trading fundamentals and give you a 30,000 foot perspective of how to be a successful trader.

Bitcoin Growth Mentorship 3

Trading Strategies

These are popular and effective trading techniques our members have told us have helped them get best results. 

WARNING! This is only for people that want to grow their bitcoin portfolio fast

Bitcoin Growth Mentorship 4You are about to learn from a crypto trading expert and learn how he was able to generate millions of dollars through Bitcoin and crypto trading. 

In recent months the phenomenal price increase of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP has led to more and more of our visitors approaching with requests for help getting into this market.

Even though we are seeing many people have success in this group, we need to warn you, this isn’t for everyone. 

We only want serious people to join. No wannabe investors or want-repreneurs. If this is you, I suggest you exit the page now. 

Master The Habits Of Our Most Successful Traders

The reality is, our best students either have or have learned to develop a certain type of mindset and we have found that to be the number one requirement. 

In fact, we have narrowed down to 5 traits we have found in our most successful students.

  • They are willing to adapt
  • They are willing to learn
  • They are calculated action takers
  • They are patient
  • They are emotionally in control and capable of enduring the ebbs and flows of the market.

We aim to instill these habits, to help you perform at your highest level and set yourself up for success, and our training continues to reinforce this message.


An ever-expanding platform of crypto trading education

Before you dive in, I want to introduce myself and the creator of this trading education system.  We share every strategy we know to our group and have a growing base of veteran traders that offer amazing insight that gives us a leading advantage in our space. 

This is what makes us so successful.

We have been trading Bitcoin since 2014 and not only have we been able to create tremendous financial success for ourselves, but our students being able to get out of debt, buy a new home, or pay off their kids college tuition is why we know this is working for average people, people that don’t have experience in traditional trading or even understand what a Bitcoin is.

See all the testimonials here

That’s our job — to fill you in and make sure you stay up to date with what is happening in the marketplace.  At first we hold your hand but in the end, you will have the same knowledge, tools, and resources we use everyday to trade Bitcoin and other crypto coins.  We are only just a click away in our group chat if you ever need further assistance. 

Who are we? 

Meet my good friend and Bitcoin trading mentor, Caleb Wright. We worked together for years operating online businesses and almost at the exact same time discovered Bitcoin.

We couldn’t wait to talk about it with each other. We knew this was big! We were right!

This is the real deal.

We have partnered and are thrilled to announce a complete overhaul and site upgrade with a relaunched Bitcoin Lifestyles Trading Mastery version 2.0.  This now includes a course for beginners along with an advanced crypto trading mastery program. 

The best course on the internet to learn how to trade Bitcoin according to hundreds of our members. 


Here is a couple of pictures of us in Spain at a cryptocurrency event

Bitcoin Growth Mentorship 5

On the cliffs of Benidorm, Spain looking over the city and beaches. 

Bitcoin Growth Mentorship 6

Here is a pic of Caleb, our friend Matt, and me when they came to visit in Seattle.

Why you can trust us

We know there are lots of programs on the internet teaching you how to trade Bitcoin but there is always a risk of getting involved with a scam designed to take your money. 

We have seen so many friends and extended internet pals lose money that we felt it was necessary to provide a safe and secure community where you can get solid advice from people that have your best interest at heart and have endured the volatility of the markets through many bull and bear cycles.

Understanding that there is no guarantees and we can’t promise that you are going to get rich from trading Bitcoin, we are one of the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin trading communities on the internet and as soon as you join, you will immediately see why.

New content and strategies will be added over time and we are always researching coins that offer you largest profit potential. We feel a responsibility to share what we know and have learned while trading over the last 6 years years so other’s can gain access to this life-changing information.

If you are interested to get started we would love to get you plugged in and on your way to learning to trade the crypto markets! My close friend Caleb Wright who I have worked with for several years built this from the ground up.  Tell him Patrick sent you and he will take care of you. 

You can now get access to a comprehensive training on bitcoin and cryptocurrency day trading. The absolute beginner can learn how to start trading crypto with very little money to start. Members also gain access to a private crypto day trading chat, which is an important and powerful resource.

Listen, this is not some fluff course with get-rich-quick tactics. If that’s what you want, we are not for you. 

New content and strategies will be added over time and we are always researching coins that offer you largest profit potential. We feel a responsibility to share what we know and have learned while trading over the last three years so other’s can gain access to this life-changing information.

You are just a few clicks away from the joining the fastest growing group of successful and profitable crypto traders. 



  • Crypto Day Trading Basics / Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals To Protect Your Accounts
  • Managing Your Emotions & Becoming a Trading Ninja
  • How To Read Candlesticks & Charts
  • Risk Management Fundamentals
  • Finding Support & Resistance Levels
  • Learn How To Use The Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Bittrex [For Noob Traders]
  • Margin Trading: How To Short An Altcoin
  • How To Earn Passively With Swap Lending
  • How-To Trade BTC Against USDT [Tether]
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • What Creates Value In A Cryptocurrency
  • How-To Do Your Own Market Research
  • ICO / Initial Coin Offering Research Fundamentals
  • Technical Analysis
  • Understanding / Analyzing Market Cycles
  • Bitcoin Lifestyles Market Research Modules
  • Advanced Trading Strategies [IN PROGRESS]
  • Crypto Market Charting Platform Walkthrough / Tutorial
  • Mobile App For Price Tracking & Mobile Notifications
  • Profiting with NFTs
  • Private Day Trading Chat Group
  • Facebook Group
  • Schedule Private Cryptocurrency Coaching

More videos and training added weekly.

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