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Bitcoin Lifestyles Club Review

There is no shortage of programs promising you can make money with Bitcoin and you will find lots of sites promoting and recommending a wide variety of Bitcoin multipliers, auto traders and more but from our research, we found 99% are total scams.

In fact, most people endorsing these programs have never even used them but they are kicked back a commission for recommending them.

Today we are examining and doing a Bitcoin Lifestyles Club review.  Unlike most products we check out, we have no relationship with or connection with the owners or creators but in this case, we have a very close relationship with the owner of Bitcoin Lifestyles Club, Caleb Wright, who I’ll discuss in more detail below.

Update: I am now part owner of BLC. I fully endorse this product 🙂 

Before you rush into the next offer thrown at you claiming you can make money with Bitcoin, see why Bitcoin Lifestyles Club is a different breed altogether.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyles Club (BLC)?

BLC is a comprehensive, and growing database of training on a wide variety of topics related to trading Bitcoin.  The creator of this program understands not everyone has the same trading style so when you join the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club community, you have access to training videos and styles and you decided what strategies and tactics will work best for you.

This is not a one-size-fits-all training program and we find people of all experience levels are able to learn a trading routine that works best for their schedule and is in line with their skills and knowledge of trading.

This means you learn the basics, the fundamentals of trading that create a stable methodology of trading along with some more advanced skills if you are looking to explore all that trading can offer you.

Who Created the BLC?

I could tell you a lot about Caleb Wright, the creator of Bitcoin Lifestyles Club, as we have traveled the world, working on various crypto projects together over the years.

We have had some amazing conversations on the potential of cryptocurrency and back in 2014 when Bitcoin wasn’t on the radar for most people, Caleb and I were deep in the trenches trying to get our masters in education on the topic.

Overlooking the beaches of Benidorm, Spain. I am on the left in Nike shirt, Caleb on the right. 

Since Bitcoin Lifestyles Launched, we have seen over a thousand people inside our community reach out to us and share their success stories.

We have seen average people, with zero trading experience be able to consume the videos inside this course and go on to be able to trade and make enough money from Bitcoin that they could quit their job.

This has been a life changing opportunity for so many people and I encourage you, if you are looking for a supportive community that is here to help you learn how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos, you have found the best source on the internet.

What do you learn inside BLC?

As I mentioned above, there is no cookie-cutter approach, or one-size-fits-all method. There are multiple styles and techniques and as you go through the videos, you decided which ones you want to try and you’ll find something that suits you best.

Unlike many other trading sites that teach the methods those trainers are familiar with, you learn them all, so this also means you won’t need to buy multiple courses to learn a specific trading method because this training series continues to grow as new, relevant information becomes available.

Here is a sneak peek at the back office so you see everything you get.


Each section on the left has multiple videos on each page. Some pages have a dozen videos.  This is the most comprehensive training on Bitcoin trading I have come across. 

I also know this is true because we were looking for a course that included everything we needed to become successful Bitcoin traders and anything remotely close to what we were looking for cost upwards of $2,000.

We had a large community of people we worked with in the crypto space at the time and they needed answers and wanted to learn how to trade Bitcoin. That’s how Bitcoin Lifestyles Club was born.

My opinion may be a bit biased because I am friends with the creator and we started our crypto journey together but I am not the only one raving about how well this product is put together and how many people it has helped.

Here are just a couple testimonials from this last week…

What other people are saying about Bitcoin Lifestyles Club

bitcoin lifestyles club testimonial


Can you make money with Bitcoin Lifestyles Club?

In all my years of being in this space, working from home, reviewing programs that allow you to create an income from home, I have NEVER seen so many positive testimonials from actual people I know. 

Anyone can make up a testimonial and throw it on a website but I have physically met with many of the people and got to see their lives changes in front of my eyes.  I know people who bought a house, paid of their car, paid for their kids college tuition and one person paid for their daughter to get married, all because they were able to learn how to earn an income from trading Bitcoin and applying what they learned inside the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club.

What do I get when I buy Bitcoin Lifestyles Club membership?

You get more than a back office with video training when you join Bitcoin Lifestyles Club. You get an entire community of support with private access to our group chat where you can engage with members, stay up to date on important market news, and be privy to activity on your favorite coins so you can be prepared to take action.

The community can hold your hand and get you going but the ideally the training is designed to make you self-sufficient so you can read the charts, recognize patterns and understand how to most effectively execute a trading strategy that is most suitable for you.

The idea is to pack the membership area with all relevant information to help you succeed as a trader so you really don’t have a need to be paying for multiple training memberships. 

Bitcoin Lifestyles Club was designed so everything can be done in house and will continue to grow as the community and market demands change.

How much does it cost to join BLC?

When you join Bitcoin Lifestyles Club, you only pay a one time fee of $397.00.  There are never any additional fees or monthly costs to remain active.

You get immediate access to all videos and resources and can browse at learn at your own pace.

In conclusion

You might already be aware but I can’t think of a better course when it comes to learning how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos.

But it’s a lot more than trading. Consider this like getting a degree in crypto and all things related. This includes training on mining and how to produce an additional income.

One thing is for sure, timing in these markets is crucial and it’s looking more and more like we are entering into a bull market where the prices continue to rise.

In the last few months, Bitcoin has increased almost 400% and many other alt coins like Ripple, Stellar, and Tron are following suit.  What if you knew how to trade these coins in good and bad markets? What if you could make money when your coin was losing value? 

What if you could read patterns that told you what is likely to happen to a coin?  These are all things we cover inside Bitcoin Lifestyles Club.

Still not sure, I highly suggest you read what the rest of the members are saying and then make your decision.  Read more testimonials here

Patrick Moore
Patrick has been a part of the cryptocurrency community since 2014 and created CryptoWhat in 2015 to help new users learn more about cryptocurrencies. Despite not being a financial expert, his passion for cutting-edge technology drives him to share knowledge and information with as many people as possible about the potential of cryptocurrencies and how they will change the financial sector.
By: Patrick Moore
By: Patrick Moore

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