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Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review

Today we are doing a full analysis and Bitcoin Millionaire Club review.  After inspecting dozens of programs in the crypto space and discovering that 99% were frauds and scams, we have seen numerous people promoting and pitching the Bitcoin Millionaire Club and we wanted to have a closer look and tell you what we found out.

Push-Button Bitcoin Generator On Auto Pilot or Fraudulent System Trying To Steal Your Money?

From the surface, Bitcoin Millionaire Club appears to offer a cutting edge, highly accurate auto trading software for people that want to trade crypto. 

Right from the start, there is a slick sales presentation with suspect claims and dodgy gains of people making outrageous amounts of money from an Bitcoin auto trading software.

After testing dozens of trading software specifically designed for crypto trading, my alarm bells were immediately going off as the claims were just a little too unbelievable.

Diving deeper into the video, I see more suspicious activities and fake video testimonials and realize something is fishy.

I keep going to figure out what is really happening behind the scenes?

Summary: In full disclosure, we are highly confident Bitcoin Millionaire Club is scam and we do not recommend it to our visitors. 

Quick information: Advertised as auto trading software but we found this not to be the case. 

Owner: Bitcoin Millionaire Club was created by the infamous, Steven Banks, an elusive character that has no real footprint on the internet. From everything we can gather, this is a fictional name and character created with the sole purpose of hiding the identities of the true creators of this program.

The Catch: There is no auto trader from what we can tell. Once you sign up, you are asked to deposit $250 to activate your account. This is where the hell begins. 

When you sign up, you have to give your contact information and the wall street-esque brokers start hounding you over the phone immediately with their sky-high claims of how much money you can make trading crypto. 

The Trap:   Your money is applied to start trading but if you happen to win, getting the money out can be a bit of a challenge. Numerous reports indicate people saying they get calls from these brokers, telling them to put more money in because the system is working so well. Then the system all of a sudden doesn’t work as well.  

Multiple Schemes: There appears to be multiple companies operating under the same name with the same marketing/sales funnel attempting to entice it’s members to join and “get rich.” 

There are claims of people making $13,000 in 24 hours and to the unsuspecting eye, may fall prey to the amazing claims of how easy it is to make money trading Bitcoin using this system.

In short, we cannot advise you join this program and we have found many crypto auto trading programs designed with the same malicious intention.

Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club a Scam?

Above all the other information I discovered while doing my research on Bitcoin Millionaire Club, it’s the topics discussed in this video I made, hoping I can spotlight this crypto fraud running rampant in the space. 

Crypto Trading Scam Video Exposed

Based on what we found in this video, we are certain Bitcoin Club Millionaire is a scam. 

Digging further, I came across this page that promotes all of these companies as if they were separate from each other. 

That’s when I just became disgusted by their brazen attempt to scam people and knew they had zero intent to help people make money trading crypto.

Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review 1

Before knowing the ties and connecting the dots between many of these auto trading schemes, we had already done a Bitcoin Era review, a company we deemed a scam back then. 

Fake Testimonials

It didn’t take long to see they are using hired actors from sites like Fiverr.  There are gigs where you can pay people to promote your brand, be a spokesperson or even create fake testimonials. 

Does this guy look familiar? He has done 3,000+ video testimonials and spokesperson gigs. 

fake testimonials bitcoin millionaire club

His entire business model is to “misrepresent” the facts to you. 

I think you get the point. 

Avoid Bitcoin Millionaire Club like the plague and all similar products.  

We see this all too often with trading software like this.

Final thoughts

There are many legitimate programs out there that can help you make money trading Bitcoin but Bitcoin Millionaire Club is absolutely not one of them.

From our experience, we have found most people have success learning how to trade themselves versus relying on systems or people who are often there just to sell you a service or make money off your trading activity. 

If you are new to trading, feel a little intimated and just not sure how to get started, we suggest watching some free training videos and going through our free crypto trading resources

Our top crypto experts will guide you at your own speed. 

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By: Patrick Moore
By: Patrick Moore