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Bitcoin has been around for over ten years now and it’s become more popular over time.

One of the big bitcoin use cases that bitcoiners love to share with others is how bitcoin is perfect for online gambling .  It’s convenient, anonymous, and fast.  No bank account required, no credit card information needed – just bitcoin!   This includes using bitcoin for playing online bingo.

Many people also love bingo for its social aspect and all the fun they get from the game.

Online gaming operators are starting to offer bitcoin as a deposit option because it makes transactions easier than many other payment processors do. It cuts down on chargebacks too, which can easily happen when someone pays by credit card or PayPal since these are reversible after the funds have already been sent out of escrow.

Here are few tips to consider before joining any bitcoin bingo games.

There aren’t a ton of bitcoin bingo sites currently on the market because it’s still a relatively new use case for bitcoin but there are enough to ensure visitors have plenty of options when looking to play.  

Bingo sites, like other gambling businesses, are obligated to follow the law and rules of the nation where they are located. The most essential thing to verify is your country’s particular legislation.

This information is typically located near the bottom of the main page of reputable bingo sites. Gambling jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Malta, Kahnawake, and Isle of Man have a lot of clout. Licenses are held to the highest levels by these gaming authorities.

Avoid bitcoin bingo sites that have a poor reputation or charge higher than average transaction fees. The bitcoin network already has some transaction fees built into bitcoin itself, which are automatically paid to bitcoin miners who are processing the transactions.  Bitcoin bingo sites typically charge a flat fee of 0.0001 bitcoin or less per transaction – if they’re charging any more than that, it’s likely scammy.

You should be aware that some bingo sites allow you to deposit using Bitcoin, but they convert it into a recognized fiat currency. Some bitcoin bingo rooms only accept Bitcoin as a betting currency, with no conversions.

Make sure to avoid bitcoin bingo sites that have crazy rules.  Some of these are more strict than others and require you to bet the maximum bitcoin limit on each round of bitcoin bingo or else forfeit your bitcoin winnings.

Some bitcoin bingo sites also have a minimum number of people that must sign up before they’ll start bitcoin bingo games for players where all bets are forced at the lowest bitcoin denomination, which is sometimes 0.00001 BTC per line or less.

Finding the appropriate Bitcoin bingo site might be difficult since there are so many to select from. Now that you know what to look out for when playing bitcoin bingo with bitcoins, it’s time for some fun!  

Here is a list of bitcoin bingo sites to get started – just don’t forget about these tips!

Keeping all three of these tips in mind will help ensure your experience playing bitcoin bingo is enjoyable and profitable!

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