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As a Bitcoin enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptos. In this post I will cover all the ways I have found to earn free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Just like in life, most things that claim to be free are really not and such is the same for being able to earn free Bitcoin. Even though there are not a ton of legit or safe ways to do this, I have found a few legal and reliable ways to legally obtain free Bitcoin or alternative coins. 

Legitimate Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

Can You Really Earn Free Bitcoin

Let’s get right to it. You want Bitcoin and don’t have the funds to get it yourself. You don’t want to buy Bitcoin but would be grateful if Bitcoin landed in your lap. Here is what I would do to get free Bitcoin today.

Complete a task for Bitcoin. There are sites that will pay you in Bitcoin to do a job, run an errand or take a survey.  Surveys don’t always pay a lot of money but depending on the size and challenge of the task needed, you can virtually make as much as you want. 

One site that allows you to earn Bitcoin for handling these jobs is  You get paid within hours of finishing the task and there is no cost ever to you. You choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. 

Earn Free Bitcoin with Surveys & Free Offers

You want to get free Bitcoins and we got you covered. This isn’t like the old survey sites you used to visit, these sites pay out Bitcoin daily for giving your feedback and filling out free offers. 

9 Survey sites that pay you Bitcoin 

Get Free Bitcoin Watching Videos

Believe it or not, there are companies willing to pay you Bitcoin to watch their videos. Finding these sites can be tricky but we got your back. Don’t expect to get rich from this but remember that every fraction of a Bitcoin counts.

See how to earn free Bitcoin watching videos. 

Earn Bitcoin with Credit Card Cash Back Rewards

As more and more people show interest in Bitcoin, an opportunity for consumers to earn Bitcoin as a cash back reward is in demand. 

Without thinking about when to buy or sell in the market, you can be earning free Bitcoin and other digital currencies every time to you pull out your credit card. 

See the most popular credit card companies that offer Bitcoin cash back rewards.  

Mobile Apps that give free Bitcoin

There are literally thousands of apps that promise you can earn free Bitcoin but after hours of research, we could only find a handful of both games and apps that reward you with Bitcoin and other cryptos.

How To Earn Bitcoin Playing Games

There are numerous games that reward you for your engagement by giving you a portion of the fees incurred through ad revenue or memberships. We found the best games that pay you Bitcoin just for playing. 

See the best games and apps that give you free Bitcoin

Bitcoin Rewards Cash Back Programs

You are probably familiar with cash back reward systems that pay you to shop at certain places that you are usually already visiting.  Companies offer anywhere from 1% to 30% depending on the product or service that is offered and since the rewards are paid in Bitcoin, you can usually earn these cash back digital currency kick backs instantly.

See these online shopping portals that reward you with cash back in the form of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

Bitcoin Freelance Job Sites

You can earn Bitcoin doing freelance work from anywhere in the world. We found over 50 Bitcoin freelance websites on the web but after researching each one, we narrowed the list down around a dozen. 

From design and art, to writing and audio, to working on a blockchain and engineering the next financial technolgoy, you can find the job you are looking for with these 14 Freelance websites that pay you in Bitcoin

Some of these sites are job boards that act as a middleman and you are responsible for setting the terms while others are fully integrated and offer escrow solutions so your money and work is protected until both parties are satisfied with the completion of the job. 

Mining Bitcoin with your browser

Installing third party software to mine Bitcoin is not always wise but there are a few companies we have seen that appear to be legitimately providing a service that allows you to mine Bitcoin from your browser. 

We do not like to recommend services like this as you could unknowingly make yourself vulnerable to someone who is preying on you and trying to get your coins but if you really do want to mine Bitcoin through your browser, the only company we found that we liked was CryptoTab. 

Ways to earn free alternative coins.

Earn free XLM Lumens by Stellar

For just answering a few questions you can earn some free Lumens coins. Sponsored by Earn, a company owned by Coinbase, you can get $2 in XLM for every question you answer correctly after watching a short video about the project.

You can earn up to $50 in XLM if you get all the questions right and refer 4 others to take the quiz.  The quiz is easy and the videos are no longer than 3 minutes. Easy way to earn around $10 in XLM and $50 if you want to refer a few people.  

Get your free XLM here. 

Earn Crypto Tokens Free

Another way to earn free crypto tokens is by getting paid to do what you are already doing anyway; chatting and communicating on social media.

Each time you post, comment or interact with someones content, Facebook and big tech is profiting from you.  Imagine if you flipped the script and you got paid crypto tokens just to be the social butterfly you already are.

Learn more about our new favorite social media site.

and make sure to follow us there @cryptowhat 

Wrapping up, there are plenty of ways to earn free Bitcoin but not all are safe or legit. It’s best to accumulate little bits at a time from multiple credible sources vs trying to risk it all on something that is over hyped and likely not going to work in your favor. 

This is a list of our favorite free ways to get Bitcoin but keep in mind the payout will be minimal unless you get serious about learning the best ways of making money with Bitcoin.  Find more ways to grow your stash and if there are some ideas we missed, please comment below and let us know. 

We would also love to hear your overall feedback so please let us know your thoughts. 

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