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Coinbase is a trusted and popular exchange to buy crypto but you will need to verify your account before you can start trading. 

Depending on your location and situation will determine how long it will take to verify your ID with Coinbase.

Most people who register for an account can follow the steps below and have their ID verified in just minutes but sometimes there are little things that can delay this process.

If you are waiting on your Coinbase ID to be verified, this short guide will ensure you are properly registering your account and submitting the required documents so you can start trading with Coinbase

Let’s get started

Registering for a new Coinbase account is the first step in the Coinbase Verification Process. Once the account is live, log in and click the settings button in the bottom right corner of the home page. From here you will select “Limits and Features” from the account settings menu.

If you are in the mobile app, you can click the menu in top left corner, choose “Profile and Settings” then access “Limits and Features”

To begin the Photo ID verification first, ensure that your ID is valid, not expired, and that it is not altered or manipulated with hole punches or watermarks. 

Be sure that your ID image is clear and in focus, with your profile info matching the first and last name, date of birth, and ID number. To get the best picture, place the card on a table or flat surface with a solid background.

Click continue to validate the image of your ID. On the next screen you will select the type of ID you are submitting and then upload the photo of your ID.

According to some Coinbase customers that responded, as long as you uploaded a clear, government approved ID you can be approved in minutes. 

Account Levels

You gain access to certain feature sets based on your account level.  Coinbase offers three levels of verification with varying restrictions and privileges.  Additional document verification or information may be required to access more advanced features or to send and receive cryptocurrency to external wallets. 

The amount you can deposit or trade is determined by multiple factors, including verification completed on your account, your purchase history, your payment type, and more.

  • Level 1. Verifying your phone number and photo ID allows you to make weekly purchases and sales using any payment method, with a few restrictions.
  • Level 2. Proof of your residential address is necessary in order to unlock unlimited investments and enable wire transfers in and out of the account.
  • Level 3. A valid government ID which opens up the ability for a user to send and receive cryptocurrencies to an external wallet. 

Verifying your Coinbase account in the EU, Australia, Canada and Singapore: 

  1. Upload two different forms of supported IDs. Drivers licenses, passports, and some national ID cards are accepted.
  2. A manual review is required for dual citizenship customers
  3. You may need to answer ID verification questions

Accepted identity documents

Direct from Coinbase’s site, these are the documents they will officially accept and not accept when it comes to verifying your ID. 

United States

  • State-issued IDs such as a Driver License or Identification Card

Outside of United States

  • Passport
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • National Identity Card

Important: All documents must be valid and not expired. 

Unaccepted identity documents

  • United States Passports
  • United States Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • School IDs
  • Medical IDs
  • Temporary (paper) IDs
  • Residence Permit
  • Public Services Card
  • Military IDs

Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro ID verification process

Coinbase Pro is a different service Coinbase provides that requires two forms of ID verification. 

Quick tip: Any ID verification done on your Coinbase mobile app account will apply to your Pro account. 

Try these tips if you are still struggling to verify your Coinbase account. 

If after all this you are still waiting on approval, double check these tips below to increase the likelihood you can proceed with a Coinbase trading account. 

  • Eliminate all glare on the identification document
  • Make sure the image is bright and well lit
  • The image needs to be clear and all borders of the document are fully visible
  • The ID should be fully visible, and is not obstructed or altered.
  • The document must not be expired
  • Ensure the country on your account is correct and matches the ID you uploaded.

If you have followed these instructions and submitted all the documents but still don’t have approval, you may need to contact Coinbase customer support directly. 

You can access the support channel via the mobile app by clicking the top menu icon then Profile and Settings. From here you can scroll to the bottom and click Support. 

There is a virtual assistant chat bot that can help you with general inquiries but you will be best served by contact them directly via email or phone. 

Coinbase support phone number

USA: 1888-908-7930

UK: +44 808-168-4635

Ireland: 1800 200 355

You can also visit help.coinbase for more support options. 

Coinbase is an excellent crypto exchange with a user-friendly and intuitive trading environment and a huge list of coins to choose from.  We aren’t financial advisors or offering investment advice. This is solely our opinion based on years of research. Read our Coinbase review to learn more. 

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