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If you are looking to grow your Bitcoin balance and find some great deals on things you frequently purchase, you will find tons of ways to save and make money in this article.

Below are our favorite places that give you Bitcoin as a cash back reward when you shop through their portals.

How To Earn Bitcoin Cash Back Rewards

You might not think about it but if you use a cash back app and shop with participating companies, you can earn up to 1/3 of your transaction cost back. Compound this over time with other shopping activities like buying groceries, eating at restaurants or doing home improvement projects and you can start to see the savings add up to something substantial.

Imagine if your grocery expenses could earn free bitcoin – earned you enough rewards to take a trip somewhere or buy something nice for yourself. With the shopping rewards apps below, you will be sure to find the discounts you are looking for while stacking your bank account.


Earn Free Bitcoin When You Shop With These 4 Sites & Apps 1

First on our list and right now our favorite is Lolli, a website and shopping portal we mentioned in one of our recent blog posts, is your connection to the best deals and discounts in the form of cash back rewards. We have found most of the partnered companies will give you a cash back percentage of 5%, as high as 30% as far as we have seen and there is no shortage of well known companies you are probably already spending your money with.

You can now shop at your favorite stores, earn free bitcoin, and cut your spending by a third when you visit the Lolli website or use the chrome browser extension.  If you choose to install the extension, you can be rest assured you will never miss another deal and opportunity to earn cash back.

Using Lolli is easy and intuitive and will notify you if there is an opportunity to earn cash back. If no discount is available at the time, just continue with your normal shopping. Each purchase you make with one of the 500+ qualified Lolli partners, you earn free Bitcoin.

Sign up with Lolli today and start earning free Bitcoin. 


fold app btc

Another great cash back app to earn free bitcoin, Fold, a growing Bitcoin cash back rewards shopping portal is connected with hundreds of merchants and pays you when you buy gift cards to your favorite locations. You can buy items from Amazon or rent a or go buy a new hat or shirt at Macy’s. The list of merchants continues to grow and it’s a great way to start building your Bitcoin stash.

Just for signing up through this link, you are going to be given 20,000 credits. Check out Fold here. This is a great way to increase the volume of Bitcoin usage overall.


coinback cash back

Coinback has a very large list of merchants all around the world and is a quick way to start earning some extra Bitcoin. Next time you want to shop online, consider using the Coinback web portal and get a big enough discount to buy yourself some lunch.

Using Coinback is easy when you install their browser extension. Coinback will be working in the background and every time it spots a deal, it will let you know so you can get maximum savings. Earn up to 15% cash back in the form of Bitcoin when you join Coinback.



Purse is more of a direct portal to Amazon and even though you need to spend Bitcoin with this site, you can earn  up to 33% back on every purchase you make.  You can also take any gift cards you have and cash them in for Bitcoin.

Just like some of the other cash back shopping portals that allow you to earn free bitcoin, Purse also offers extra incentives to download the browser extension to make sure you are always getting the best deals.  Check out Purse here and buy anything you want on Amazon with Bitcoin.

We found a couple other cash back apps but weren’t thrilled with the reviews after doing more investigating but if we come across more websites or shops that rewards their patrons in crypto we will be sure to add it to this list.

Our plan is to keep finding new ways to grow our Bitcoin portfolio and help others make money. Check out all our favorite ways to make money with bitcoin.


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