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As crypto prices keep climbing, more and more crypto opportunities pop up.  One of those we recently heard about and wanted to look more into, GS Partners. Today, we are doing a deep dive and GS Partners review to learn more and see if this is a legit crypto opportunity or another crypto scam?

Cryptocurrency is drawing a lot of attention as prices fluctuate back-and-forth, surpassing $60,000 then recently settling back towards $40,000 after the infamous Elon Must tweet regarding bitcoin’s huge energy consumption.

People who believe in Bitcoin just got scared for the first time in a long time so you can imagine what the people who don’t know about bitcoin are saying.

Those are unfamiliar with crypto often call it a scam and steer far away. It’s wise to be cautious of your investments but avoiding crypto altogether can be catastrophic and downright foolish.

We aren’t saying to avoid crypto because that is certainly not the case. We just think you should be watching out for scam coin projects with the sole purpose of stealing your money.

Today we came across GS Partners and G999 coin and so many red flags popped up that we felt the need to get the word out so you know what you are getting into.

What is GS Partners?

gs partners review

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Gold Standard Banking introduces GS Partners, appearing to be a spinoff crypto company from Karatbars, an MLM focused on selling gold related products.

Now you know the back story, let’s look at what they are doing.

GS Partners Review

This review will focus primarily on GS Partners and the G999 coin. It is important to note that this review does not include any information about how to make money with GS Partners or any other details about their business opportunity.

GS Partners is an MLM that sells crypto education along with various crypto technology offerings, including the exchange marketplace that sells the G999 coin.

Who started GS Partners?

After years of being the chief at the helm of Karatbars, the Chairman Josip Heit walked away to launch GS Partners. This launch was speculated to occur after the disastrous release of Karatbars crypto products release and legal troubles that ensued.


After careful research and analysis, it looks as if GS Partners was created out of necessity due to a previous mishap with the launch of a crypto product at another company.

There seems to be some digital offerings but not retail products or services for sale.  There are a number of mentions of products which reward some type of accruing interest but it’s very hard to find real details as to how this works.

G999 Coin

g999 coin

Available on Coinmarketcap and appears to be trading on half a dozen exchanges, you can see the coin landed on the market quickly reaching a high of $.02 and quickly crashing down below $.004.

This is often the problem with these types of coins.

Seeing an MLM company launch a crypto company is nothing new and shouldn’t be anything to get excited about. We have seen dozens of these companies come and go with the same promises and frequently, the same professional, slick sales copy and videos.

At the end of the day, it’s just another coin competing with thousands of other coins.

GS Lifestyle Debit Card

gs lifestyle debit card

There is also a GS Lifestyle Debit card that allows you to spend your crypto on the go.

You can transact in five currencies; USD, GBP, ERU, CNY, and JPY and the site states they have better exchange rates than most popular banks.

There is cash back rewards and discounts on hotels and travel but overall, the fees seem pretty high compared to most cards we reviewed.

During the launch, the promise was if you buy the coins for the current low price, the potential for gains is huge and the coin is designed to go to $1,000.

Blockchain Academy

Nothing more than an outdated crypto training course with videos and content explaining basic Bitcoin and blockchain technology.


The website also states you can earn 5% interest in an external wallet you control with their DeFi and staking model.

Where to buy G999 coin?

The good thing about this company and the G999 coin is that is does trade on legitimate exchanges so you are not forced to buy from the internal marketplace.

Buying and selling on an internal marketplace could be recognized as securities fraud and there are multiple companies guilty of doing this.

Not sure this completely protects this company but it’s better than not trying to get the coin on the exchange at all.

It does expose the coin to price swings and market activity but it is its only chance at increasing in value.

How to make money with GS Partners?

Just like with all MLM programs, the main focus is to make money via team building and selling packages. Commissions are earned based on rank in the company which is determined by sales and downline volume generated.

The higher the volume you can get, the more money there is to be had.

The affiliate commissions from GS Partners are achieved through the recruitment or sale of new members.

Is GS Partners a Scam?

If you are reading this GS Partners review, you might be curious if GS partners is a scam. A large number of complaints have popped up online regarding customer service issues when trying to contact GS partners through phone calls and email. It might take hours before someone responds back which can get frustrating if you want an immediate answer.

Additionally, there was no information that could be found indicating that GS Partners was accredited with the BBB.

Saying GS Partners is a scam is like saying IBM is a scam. If you bought it in the last 20 years, you last money but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s  a scam.

There is one report worth noting, U.S. Consumer Advocates Warn Against G999.

According to the consumer advice center, “we have also analyzed the price and value development of the G999 in the past weeks and months. In just three months, the G999 has lost an average of 80 percent of its value. This performance is devastating.”

Cost to join

The GS Partners opportunity has a couple different packages they offer. You can start with a basic subscription at $99 per year which gets you access to training in the blockchain academy.

The more expensive packages come with investment material ranging from $275 to $1110 for the most comprehensive trading package.

Overall opinion

You may not like what we found in our GS Partners review and our overall opinion. We see programs like this everyday and we can’t find any reason to invest your money in this. The academy training and content within is outdated and can be found for free on YouTube.

The services offered can’t be patented, are highly duplicatable and offer no real value.  It’s most likely that due to lack of support or resources, these technologies will be neglected, the code will be dated and you will just lose your investment.

We are not fond of this type of opportunity, designed to prey on people who are new to crypto and may easily fall for hype.

Yes, it’s possible to earn 500% and even 5,000% on your investment but chances are unlikely you will be getting any tips like that in this training.

The reality is you can make money on projects like this all day but timing the market to ensure you get profits is the difficult part.

Or worse, you might try to sell but nobody is in the market to buy and the price collapses.

How to profit in crypto

We all want to make money in this industry but jumping on an overly-hyped crypto scheme usually doesn’t end well.

Our best suggestion is learn how to trade crypto so you become savvy to and capable of reading markets, analyzing charts and executing profitable trades more often.

There are lots of courses out there teaching how to trade but we found the number one factor to winning is having a community to work with.

Check out our crypto mastermind training and join a community of thousands of traders who have been able to create a full time income from the comfort of their home.

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