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Working from home or while traveling is great if you can remain busy with projects but finding clients can sometimes be challenging. There are some freelance websites out there but they are saturated with competition and unless you have a strong portfolio with a lot of positive testimonials, it can be challenging to be hired for the task you want.


How to Earn Bitcoin as a Freelance Worker

How to Earn Bitcoin as a Freelance Worker

While most people are battling it out and fighting for scraps on the higher traffic sites like Fiverr and Upwork, there is an underground network of sites with virtually zero competition that pay you to perform these same tasks in Bitcoin.

Online Jobs That Pay You In Cryptocurrency

From designing graphics, to consulting, to running errands and everything in between, if you are skilled in a certain area, you can likely earn Bitcoin to complete that task for a business in need. Here are seven freelance or work from home websites that pay you in Bitcoin or digital currency to complete a job.

14 Bitcoin work from home jobs

#1 Cryptogrind

This is one of the most popular spots with tons of freelance work operating in a wide number of categories. Much like the other freelance sites mentioned above, Crypto Grind has a simple to use back office where you can create a profile and search through employer job postings. 

The platform is reliable and has excellent reviews and is the reason we chose CryptoGrind as our favorite site for earning Bitcoin from home. 

Check out Crypto Grind here. 

#2 Blocklancer

A cool freelance site that is powered by Ethereum. If you like Ethereum over Bitcoin, you will want to sign up with Blocklancer and find freelance work. Not as many gigs as the other sites but I guess Ethereum is not as much in demand? Either way, the beauty of cryptocurrency is you can quickly exchange to whatever currency you want so you can earn Bitcoin and sell fir Ethereum if that is your preference. 

#3 Coinality

One of the first job boards that connected people that wanted to transact in Bitcoin. Launched in 2013, Coinality was largely responsible for organizing the world’s first Bitcoin Job Fair which brought 30 Bitcoin employers and 400 job seekers in the same room together. 

The site is free is to post jobs or explore current positions. The job categories range from writing to building blockchains so there is a fit somewhere here for the guy or gal interested pursuing a career in crypto. 

#4 Xcrypto Market

Allows you to offer multiple services under your profile and you can operate your freelance business without paying any monthly fees. There is a small commission payment but you only pay when you make a sale. There is zero listing fees and you can sell both digital and physical products along with services and other goods. 

This site is growing fast and more jobs are being posted daily. The Xcrypto Market seems like a good site to join in early so you can start getting all the business. 

#5 Working For Bitcoins

Empowering you to work from home and earn Bitcoin, Working For Bitcoins is the connection between employers and freelancers seeking work. There are no fees to use the system as all transactions take place directly between employer and person for hire. 

The job category range is massive and taps into virtually every industry so it’s definitely worth checking out if you need to make some extra money. 

#6 Five Bucks

Sound familiar? It’s because it’s almost identical to fiverr and all the other sites that tried to replicate it. The big difference is, you can earn Bitcoin when you get hired to do a job.  The job categories focus more on marketing, web design and programming and there is lots of room for sub categories in the business, writing and audio sections. 

You may be surprised at how quick you can pick up a job. Five Bucks is fairly active and only seems to be attracting more visitors daily.  

#6 Freelance For Coins

Think of this site as a middleman job board that partners people up with each other. The site takes no money so the services to post and browse job ads are free. There is an escrow service offered for a small fee that they contract out to a third party if you would prefer that extra security to protect your funds until both parties are satisfied. Check out Freelance here.

#7 Bit For Tip

This site is more like Quora where people ask questions and you can answer it. The difference is, you don’t get paid when you answer questions on Quora but you can be tipped Bitcoin when you answer questions at Bit For Tip

Looks like they have been around since 2016 and people can post their questions with a Bitcoin reward of their choice and members from all over the world can chime in with an answer. The correct answer is then chosen and stored in a database permanently so others can also access this information.

#8 BitGigs

This site offers multiple jobs and says it will pay in Bitcoin but I didn’t see any escrow services and the about page is completely blank. BitGigs has almost 1,000 job postings at the time of reviewing so I added it to the list but be cautious and do your homework on this one. 

#9 Crypto Jobs

A site built for the ultimate crypto nerd that loves blockchain technology and wants to work with emerging financial technology companies. is a place for talented individuals who want to work with the brightest and most ambitious minds in the field. 

Employers can post a job free and there is a premium service upgrade option at $199 if you want top placement on site and access to view unlimited candidate applications. Freelancers can join free and browse and submit as many applications as you want. 

#10 XBT Freelancer

This site is not the prettiest but they offer a simple solution to connect people are looking for work with people who are looking to hire. The fees are reasonable and are paid by the freelance artist once work is complete. An escrow service is added for extra security and peace at mind. Find your next job at XBT Freelancer

#11 Dream

This is the hub for tech giants and those who want to work on the next evolution of fin tech. Want to work on machine learning processes and advanced blockchain applications? This is an excellent site for engineers that are looking for more complex and hire paying gigs. Land your next Dream job here. 

#12 Boon Tech

A blockchain based marketplace created for freelancers. Get paid in Bitcoin or other digital currencies to complete tasks for employers. Boon Tech also has it’s own cryptocurrency called Boon Coin that they reward to inspire engagement. 

#13 Can Work

Another Ethereum based freelance website that pays in, you guessed it, Ethereum. Can Work is not a job board site so they do take the funds through their system, allowing them to offer an internal escrow service with a small fee. Once the job is complete and both parties are happy the funds will be released to you. You will find plenty of job opportunities on this site. 

#14 Reddit Bitcoin Jobs

Before any of these job sites existed, a sub reddit was created that connect technically savvy people with those looking to hire for a project and were willing to pay in Bitcoin. Still today this board is active and you will find plenty of great jobs in the Bitcoin and blockchain space.

The categories and scope of work will be limited to more advanced job tasks but there is always someone out there that is suited for this job and it might just be you. There is no cost to use reddit or connect with other users so feel free to explore as much as you want. 

In conclusion

As you can see there are plenty of freelance websites that will pay you in Bitcoin. There were about a dozen other job posting sites I found that paid in crypto but there were either too few gigs or the site looked like it was under construction.

Only a few years ago you were forced to use job boards and insecure and highly risky methods to work as a freelancer but these days there are plenty of solutions built for these exact needs in mind. As Bitcoin and cryptocurrency becomes more popular, these sites will become mainstream  and trusted like the other traditional freelance sites we have all used before. 

Our goal is to help you find the best ways to make money with Bitcoin and there are some excellent jobs that can pay a high salary. Make sure to share if you know anyone that is interested in finding a job that pays in Bitcoin or is blockchain and tech savvy. 

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