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XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, constantly battling in the top 3 positions of cryptocurrency marketcap.  Follow this step-by-step guide if you are interested in investing in XRP.

Live Ripple XRP Price

Live Ripple XRP Chart

Keep in mind, Ripple is not the same as XRP. Ripple is the company that builds technology to support and leverage the XRP technology.

XRP is designed to be used as a financial instrument for cross border payments, settlements, and finality of transactions.

The XRP asset was built to be a bridge asset that exchanges value instantly and at low cost. 

Update: There is an ongoing lawsuit with the SEC and the Ripple founders in regards to the company selling XRP.

Many exchanges have suspended trading until further clarification. We usually recommend Coinbase or Uphold (Uphold vs Coinbase) for buying XRP but your options are limited as of now. 

Below you can find the exchanges that currently offer the XRP digital asset. 

How To Invest in XRP

Most regions in the world allow for the investment of XRP. Some exchanges have de-listed until the SEC lawsuit is over but you still have plenty of options for buying XRP.

There are a couple things you will need and we will list them below.

It won’t take long and you will be an official XRP investor!

Where to invest in XRP in 2022

You have a couple options when it comes to investing in XRP.

Our favorite XRP exchange at the moment is Uphold

For this example, we are going to use Uphold to show you step-by-step how to invest in XRP.

Step 1. Create Your Uphold Account

Creating an account is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Create Uphold account

Just like all trustworthy and credible cryptocurrency exchanges, Uphold requires you comply with KYC laws by verifying your identity before you can invest in any assets.

Once your account is verified, you can start buying cryptocurrencies, including XRP.  Account verification happens quickly most the time.

How To Invest In XRP Crypto Asset (Step-By-Step) 2

Step 2:  Choose your funding source

Uphold gives you plenty of options to fund your account like fiat currency, bank wire and debit or credit card. You can also swap value between other assets such as cryptos in your Uphold balance or through cryptos on another network to invest in XRP.

In the image below you will see three drop down boxes that make purchasing assets quick and simple.

How To Invest In XRP Crypto Asset (Step-By-Step) 3

Here is what it looks like once you choose the funding source and XRP asset you want to purchase.  In this next image, you can see I am using the VeChain (VET) account to fund the purchase of XRP.

How To Invest In XRP Crypto Asset (Step-By-Step) 4

Step 3: Confirm The Trade

In just a few steps, you can see how easy it is to buy XRP through your funding source of choice. You can also just as easily swap between assets in your balance or on other networks if you already own cryptocurrency.

How To Invest In XRP Crypto Asset (Step-By-Step) 5

Buying XRP with credit card

You can successfully make XRP purchases on Uphold with your credit card once you have a verified account and the card has been authorized to be used for crypto purchases. 
Paying with credit card is just as easy as using other payment methods. Simply click on transact, choose the source of funds and add your credit card number when prompted. You can do this in your Uphold mobile app or from the desktop. 
Ripple price prediction

Most cryptocurrency authorities on the internet have their own prediction for Ripple XRP price in the future, but you should understand that nobody has an exact answer and people can only speculate on what they believe the future price of XRP will be.

The most you can do now is compare the various expert predictions to see if there are any similarities. If you’re interested in purchasing Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, keep the following points in mind: Cryptocurrency investing is a high-risk activity, so you should only invest as much as you can afford to lose.

To some extent, forecasts are likely to change. With more news available, experts may modify their forecasts as they acquire new information. Take a look at some of the most well-thought-through expert predictions for the Ripple price in light of this.

Tips for investing in cryptocurrency

If you came here to learn how to invest in XRP, you have more options than just using Uphold.  The goal is to find an exchange that you trust, has comparable rates and setup your account with an amount you are comfortable investing.

Trading cryptocurrency is risky and there are no guaranteed profits. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you trade cryptocurrency

  • What is my risk tolerance?
  • What I am getting out of this investment?
  • How much do I need and can I afford to lose?
  • What are the biggest risk factors?
  • How much experience (if any) do I have with investing in other assets?

Security and Protecting Your Money

Buying the XRP digital asset is one thing but making sure you store it properly is another. You can leave your coins on the exchange but you risk losing your money if the exchange goes out of business or gets hacked. It’s always best to move your coins to a cryptocurrency hardware wallet to make sure your coins are secured in cold storage and offline, unavailable to possible intruders.

If you use Uphold, you are required to setup 2FA )two-factor authentication) but it doesn’t your coins should be left on the exchange.  This extra step makes it more challenging and practically impossible for someone to hack your account without having your mobile device.

Most exchanges are using 2FA and Uphold requires it. You will need to donwload the Google Authenticator app in the app store on your phone and sync Uphold in order to gain the access code which will be used to confirm any transactions made through your account.

Get started here by creating your Uphold account if you don’t already have one.

Long-term analysts who frequently disagree are starting to both say XRP is entering extremely bullish territory and is expected to break past all time highs without much struggle if the current trends continue.

We aren’t giving investment advice but there may not be a better time to buy XRP for a long-term play.

None of what we are saying is financial advice. Make sure if you do trade that you come up with a game plan and never ever spend more than you’re willing to lose. Also, never chase after losses. Expect to have up-and-down markets, be patient, learn market cycles and keep progressing with your overall education. This is the only way to become a successful crypto trader. We support you 100%!

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