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  • Saylor said people have been sending him Satoshis via email since the integration.
  • Bitcoin Lightning is a layer-2 scaling network built for faster and cheaper transactions.

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MicroStrategy Chairman and Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor said Monday that the business intelligence company had integrated Bitcoin Lightning Network to his email address, allowing people to send him Bitcoin.

‘‘So @MicroStrategy converted my corporate email address into a Lightning address, and people keep sending me 21 sats,’’ Saylor wrote.

Following the integration, the pro-bitcoin executive revealed that his followers were sending him Satoshis, the smallest units of BTC. Lightning Address protocol enables developers to change the standard Lightning payment request with an internet identifier like an email address.

Saylor has been bullish about all the aspects of the Bitcoin network, specifically the Lightning network. Last year he announced in a Twitter Spaces discussion that his company was contemplating a Lightning product, describing it as the ‘Internet of money.’ The Lightning Network is a layer two platform atop the Bitcoin network designed for faster and cheaper transaction speeds.

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Surging adoption of the bitcoin lightning network

The Bitcoin lightning network has witnessed a surging adoption lately. According to data shared by DeFi data aggregator platform DeFillama, the payments network has more than 5,430 BTC valued at $164 million per the current prices.

The number of Lightning Network channels, which topped 80,000 last month, had dropped to around 79,000 as of April 2023, according to the data from Bitcoin Visuals. Similarly, the Lightning nodes on the network are down to 18,000 from a high of 20,000 in the same period in March, tied to the previous bear market.

MicroStrategy has amassed an estimated 140,000 BTC since it began its buying spree in the top digital asset in 2021, making it the largest institutional investor in the top cryptocurrency, according to Bitcoin Treasuries data. That stash, valued at about $4 billion per the current price, stands at a break-even point at the current $30,259 BTC price. Between March 24 and April 4, according to a form 8-K filing, the company bought 1,045 additional BTC at an average price of $28,016.

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