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Emmersive Entertainment is revolutionizing the music industry with their E-NFT technology, which allows artists to be compensated for each piece of content they create. To begin this revolutionary project and introduce its marketplace, Canadian artist Tory Lanez has teamed up with them to launch his first NFT project.

Toronto rapper Tory Lanez joined forces with Emmersive to exclusively distribute one million copies of his WHEN IT’S DARK album as a 7-track NFT album, accompanying a seven art piece collection.

Lanez, 29 years old, joyfully announced the news on Instagram.. “1 million copies sold in 57 seconds. Revolutionary….. historical … innovative & a huge success. #WhenItsDark E-NFT sold the f*ck out !!!! #lomo thank u …. #emmersive .. thank u !! #vinco thank you !!!… I’m at a lost for words !!! I’ve never sold this much music so fast !!! I guess when u cut the bullsh*t of the middle man, u become king !!!”

Tory Lanez has earned an impressive $400,000 in total revenue through his NFT sales. More than 300 supporters have purchased artwork that comes with one of three songs, further solidifying the artist’s success and influence within the crypto community.

Collectors of all 3 Tory Lanez NFTs, “Lady of Neptune,” “Distance,” and “Y.D.L.R” are being rewarded with exclusive rewards directly from the rapper! Not only will you gain access to a virtual meet & greet but also an unreleased track and signed merchandise by the artist himself!

With over 18 million Spotify listeners each month and 1.6 billion YouTube views, Lanez is not slowing down anytime soon. His plan? Reach mogul status through music, fashion, food, and tech- a multi-faceted goal that this artist will surely see come to fruition in the near future.

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