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If you are thinking about trying out Bitcoin Era, you need to read this unbiased review that uncover things most are afraid to talk about. Unlike most sites you see out there discussing Bitcoin Era, I am not an affiliate for this company so I have no agenda other than to share the good and the bad relating to the services Bitcoin Era offers.

What Is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era states they offer an auto trading platform where everyone can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The users can test demo accounts before depositing live funds and see how the Bitcoin Era auto trade works. 

We found that Bitcoin Era is a duplicate website that looks almost identical to Bitcoin Compass and you can tell at first glance the same creator is behind both of them. These sites are making outrageous claims about you making $1100 per day and promising you can get rich using their auto trader only working a few minutes a day.

Be very careful when you see any claims like this or guarantees you can profit. 

  1. It’s likely just a marketing scheme.
  2. It’s completely illegal to make these types of claims.

This right here is enough warning for me to stay away. 

We don’t want to waste your time and tell you all about this  because in our opinion, Bitcoin Era is clearly a scam. Just like many other robot trading system we have reviewed, Bitcoin Era also falls under the category of “way too many red flags to touch.” 

For those still interested in learning about Bitcoin Era, see all the details below. 

How does Bitcoin Era work?

The site claims to have software built that gathers large amounts of long-term market data, predicts events and execute trades fractions of a second before said event is to occur.  There are lots of auto traders that are capable of doing this but we won’t go near this one with a 10 foot pole. 

What does it cost to start with Bitcoin Era?

Just like Bitcoin Compass, there is a $250 minimum deposit requirement but it’s the equivalent of lighting your money on fire and there are much better ways to put that money to work for you. 

Is Bitcoin Era Safe?

We have strong doubts just based on the wild claims of money you can make every day. Anytime a business says you are guaranteed to profit, you should run and we have seen too many red flags over over promises for us to feel comfortable in sharing this platform. 

Another thing that makes us suspicious is the testimonials and records of winnings. We could be wrong but we have never seen an auto trader perform in the way it claims with the win ratio scrolling on the site. 

Digging deeper into customer reviews, we found a pattern of people that were initially winning and then after putting more money in, the script flipped on them and they were losing and this was found to be evident across multiple comments online. 

Is Bitcoin Era Legal?

Depending on where you are located, it may be available for you to use. You can see the site terms and check if your country is on the list but no matter where you are, we can’t recommend this. 

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

Some people will make out like a bandit but 99% of people will lose and you will likely fall in that category. There are so many glaring and concerning things we discovered that make us highly suspicious of this program in general. 

We noticed lots of sites propped up just to promote Bitcoin Era so we can see people are being paid to create fake reviews. The real tell is when they say they make so much money trading Bitcoin daily that they never need to work again yet they are writing sales copy trying to convince you that you need to sign up on their website so they earn a commission. 

We do think auto traders can work and gain massive profits but you have to know how to use them. Bitcoin Era is not the platform we feel comfortable recommending when there are so many better crypto auto trader robots

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Bitcoin Era Alternatives

There are a lot of companies that have created solutions that allow you to auto trade cryptocurrency.

While we don’t believe an auto trader is ideal for every person looking to trade Bitcoin; there are many other options both free and paid that allow you to get signals and setup an robot auto trader based on the most popular indicators that traders use when to are analyzing the market. 

We found free and paid crypto trading robots that offer a variety of features relating to how the robot takes a trade.  Unfortunately we believe Bitcoin Era is not one of those companies. 

Our conclusion: After thorough examination, we have found this site to have high indicators and red alerts of fraud and being a potential scam. Proceed at your own risk but we aren’t fans or recommending it. This gets 1.5 stars if we were to really rate it.  

If you still want to try out a Bitcoin auto trader, see our reviews on both free and paid crypto trading robots. 

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