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Cryptoversity is a new educational platform that comprehensively covers the most important elements to understanding crypto, growing your Bitcoin balance and finding new opportunities to maximize your profits in multiple crypto verticals. 

As crypto fanatics, we got our hands on this course immediately and during the last week, we went through the videos, compared notes and tried to learn some new cool stuff!

In this article, we will do a deep dive into Cryptoversity, explain what it is, how it works, who it’s for and give our overall opinion. 

Cryptoversity review

45 stars’s creator, Chris Coney, identified a serious lack of quality cryptocurrency-related education. Using his natural talent for communication and education, he devised Cryptoverstiy as an answer to the pressing issue.

Cryptoversity is a Cryptocurrency University that features Cryptocurrrencies and Blockchain education through video based tutorials, technical analysis lessons, member contests , a marketplace for services and more. Cryptoversity intends to be a one-stop shop for all the knowledge needed to become an expert in Cryptocurrencies/Blockchain.

Keep reading below to see what you get inside the Cryptoversity program. 


  • Most comprehensive course on crypto
  • 130+ videos available in broad range of subjects 
  • 20+ interviews from financial, crypto, policy, and business experts. 
  • Strong, credible reputation as crypto instructor and podcaster
  • Earn crypto for completing courses
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Courses range in price and not all are budget friendly
  • Large library of content can be overwhelming

What is Cryptoversity?

Cryptoversity has been created to educate individuals on how to utilize the opportunities offered by Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchains.

The courses are delivered in video format, making them easy to follow and understand.

Who is Chris Coney?

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 1

Chris Coney started the Cryptoverse Podcast and has been prolific in the space and instrumental in educating people about crypto and blockchain.

Coney’s latest focus is on the launch of Cryptoversity, an online education platform to learn about bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto. Chris Coney has been active in Bitcoin since 2013 and continues to inspire people daily to get into the space.

Why Join Cryptoversity?

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 2

Cryptoversity is the world’s first online school and education platform designed to teach courses on Bitcoin, crypto, blockchain and related concepts.

Finishing every course allows you to receive bitcoin payments which can be put towards anything. Every course includes a refund policy that guarantees peace of mind while spending or renewing your funds.

Here is how it starts and what to expect…

Before you register your account, you can enter your email to receive some rather interesting videos to help you become more familiar with the product as a whole.

To get your first 3 videos, visit Cryptoversity and sign up.

Getting Started With The FREE Video Content

(These are the videos you will receive by email)

Video 1 – This video features Chris introducing a crypto education platform that includes trading apps and discussions about the recovery process.

Video 2 – This second video is titled “Your 1st Crypto WOW!”, where Chris walks viewers through the process of buying Bitcoin and using it to buy a product on Amazon for a discount.

Video 3 – Titled ‘The 3 C’s Of Crypto’, this video will give you an insight into a whole new way that value is created in the new world of crypto.

Next Steps – After viewing three free introductory videos, you will sign up for the Cryptoverse course. Once subscribed, you’ll have access to a series of modules in multiple video formats that explore multiple topics.

What’s Inside?

When you sign up for Cryptoversity, you can purchase individual courses or buy the entire package with all the modules. Here is your student portal, a page that gives you quick access to all your purchased courses.

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 3

Wondering if Cryptoversity is worth the money? Want to know exactly what you will learn and how it will benefit you?

After going through the Cryptoversity course, we have identified and listed all the content that you will find once you join Cryptoversity.

We are quite impressed with the modules and information available and believe anyone starting or in the middle of their crypto education journey will find these resources very enlightening.

Here is the initial material and content you can expect to find inside the free area of the site.  Check it out here

Bitcoin: The End Of Money

This is an excellent resource if you truly want to understand why Bitcoin is gaining so much attention while everything else around us seems to be falling apart.

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 4

See the main documentary – Bitcoin: The End Of Money, and gain access to the best interviews with the brightest minds in the financial and corporate space. 

Most people that watch this are in utter shock, completely confused, and baffled at how little they understood about money.  You will learn more about money and economics by watching this documentary and be able to formulate a plan to protect your financial well-being. 


Hidden Secrets Of Money by Mike Maloney

If you haven’t studied the subject thoroughly, you’ll be surprised at how little you know about money, especially the dirty little secrets that aren’t widely known.

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 5

The Hidden Secrets Of Money was distributed by Cryptoversity with Dan Rubock’s written permission. It is a direct adaptation from his documentary film that tells compelling stories and reveals astounding facts about our current financial system–facts most everybody else does not know or understand!

Here are the episodes you will find inside this module:

  • Money vs Currency
  • Seven Stages of An Empire
  • Death of the US Dollar
  • The Biggest Scam in History
  • Where Does Money Come From?
  • Deflation THEN Hyperinflation
  • The Money Illusion
  • From Bitcoin To Hashgraph
  • Fall of Empires: Rome vs USA
  • American Bread and Circus

After you receive the introductory videos, you can now jump right into the meat of the course. 

Cryptoversity main modules:

  • Crypto Exchange Mastery: This is a great series of videos for beginners looking to learn how to properly and safely get onto a crypto exchange and get familiar with how everything works. This is a must for anyone new to crypto and looking to make money in this space. 
  • Blockchain Security Essentials: Learn the ins-and-outs of blockchain; including how to protect your coins, security vulnerabilities to be aware of, how to detect scams and avoid hacks, and ultimately become fully comfortable with control of your digital assets. 
  • The Master Crypto Trader: In this set of videos, you learn the most important aspects to getting started trading crypto. You learn beginner and advanced strategies and will also get to watch Chris take live trades so you can gain a better understanding how to trade when you spot great opportunities.
  • The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle: Now that you have learned about Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain, now you are going to discover how to make money, grow your Bitcoin balance, and all the cool ways you can earn Bitcoin by doing things you already do, including using a search engine or engaging with a community on a social network, if there is a way to collect free bitcoin you are going to know all about it and how to profit from it. 
  • The Digital Money Revolution: If you love knowing every detail about a subject, this series of videos is for you. This is the most comprehensive collection of crypto education videos I have seen that go deep into the Bitcoin and blockchain technology, crypto wallets and how the function, how Bitcoin operates in our monetary system and how it may save millions of people from financial ruin. Once you finish these 51 videos, you will be the real authority on crypto. 

Let’s review each of these in detail below.

Crypto Exchange Mastery

Trading cryptocurrency can be confusing for many people just getting into the trade. It is a lot of information to take in but if you are interested in earning extra income, it may be worth your time to learn how to trade cryptocurrency.

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 6

The ability to trade cryptocurrencies is one way that you can make additional money on the side as well as potentially get closer towards financial freedom which could mean generating enough passive income from trade crypto that would allow you not having to go back to a full-time job ever again.

This is the goal of Crypto Exchange Mastery, to teach you the basics of trading so you can spot opportunities and learn how to earn an extra income. 

It all starts with knowing how to navigate exchanges and be proficient with whatever you choose to use for buying and selling crypto.

Here is what you get inside the Crypto Exchange Mastery modules:

  • Introduction: Brief overview and synopsis on the material and what you can expect to gain. 
  • Account setup and security:  You will access five videos covering important registration instructions along with crucial security tips to protect your assets and your mind at peace.
  • Trading: You get 11 videos showing the most important elements to successful trading; including trading pairs, order book, trade history, price charts, and other market analysis tips to help you become a more well-rounded trader.  
  • Live Trading Examples:  Watch experienced traders in action and follow their strategies or mix them in with your own to create the optimal trading methods. 
  • Binance Bonus Tools: Learn how to leverage the binance features to explore new opportunities and to maximize profits. 
  • Advanced Trading: Dive into some expert tips and advice where you can learn to trade without paying fees, try leverage trading, and even learn how to short the market when you think it’s cooling down.
  • Decentralized Exchanges: Most exchanges you trade on will be centralized but there are times when you want to trade a certain currency pair but can only find it on decentralized exchanges. This course will show you to benefit from these types of exchanges. 

Blockchain Security Essentials

When you hear about cryptocurrencies, it can sound like a scary situation – if it gets stolen, there’s no one to run to! The phrase “total responsibility for your coins” may not be the most comforting thing.
But crypto is only this way when you don’t secure them. That just leaves room for hackers to get away with whatever they want without anyone being able to do anything about it!

That’s where these amazing tips come in as lifehacks that will make cryptocurrency forever safe and sound.

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 7

Blockchain Security Essentials Modules

  • Scams And Hackers Are Not Going Away
  • The Major Soft Spot In Security
  • Security That’s Off The Scale
  • Taking Charge Of Your Money
  • And Now For Something A Bit Cryptic
  • The Technology That Makes All This Work
  • The Security Triangle
  • A Key For Every Door
  • Dude, Where’s My Crypto?
  • Why Don’t You Recognise Me?
  • Wallets And Key Rings
  • Your Own Digital Fort Nox
  • Tips On Setting Up Your Vault
  • Make It A Combo
  • The One Way System
  • Never Test The Depth Of The Water With Both Feet
  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure
  • Hacks vs Scams
  • Types Of Hacks
  • Types Of Scams
  • For The Crypto Millionaire

Bonus Idea – More Advanced Tools

  • Browsing the web privately
  • Multi-key wallet setups
  • Specialist privacy hardware

The Master Crypto Trader

This is the best series for anyone wanting to know how to successfully read charts, have better insights into the market, learn how to use various indicators so you can generate as much profits as possible. 

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 8

Master Crypto Trader Modules

As an example of what you’ll receive in each course, here is the curriculum from ‘The Master Crypto Trader.’

Module 1: Introduction video to course info

Module 2: The Big Secret To Trading Success

  • Shattering The Major Trading Myth
  • How To Become The House So YOU Always Win
  • Trading Strategies Make You The House
  • Trading Your Way Out Of Work
  • Selecting An Appropriate Account Size
  • Stop Thinking About Money And You’ll Make More
  • Our Whole Aim For Every Trade
  • Converting Bitcoin To Gold For Price Stability

Module 3: Getting Setup With All The Right Tools

  • Setting Up Your Charting Software
  • Setting Up Two Factor Authentication
  • Setting Up An Exchange Account
  • Enhanced Verification
  • 2FA On The Exchange
  • Connecting The Exchange To The Charting Tool
  • Depositing Your Trading Funds On The Exchange
  • Checking Your Trading Funds Are Available To Use

Module 4: How To Read Price Charts

  • Reading A Candle
  • Displaying Different Amounts Of Data
  • Colouring The Chart To Your Liking
  • The Base And The Terms Currency
  • Trading Volume

Module 5: Technical Analysis

  • Introduction To The ‘Technical Analysis’ Module
  • Saving Your Analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • Price Tests
  • Trends and Trend Lines
  • Price Cyclicity
  • Moving Averages
  • Fibonacci Lines
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Conclusion To The ‘Technical Analysis’ Module

Module 6: Trading Strategies

  • Introduction To The ‘Trading Strategies’ Module
  • Reward To Risk Ratio
  • Anatomy Of A Trade
  • Risk Management
  • Trade Sizing
  • Your Trading Journal
  • The Triple Chart Strategy
  • Probability vs Quantity of Opportunity
  • Falling Knives and Moonshots
  • Conclusion To The ‘Trading Strategies’ Module

Module 7: Trading Setups

  • Introduction To The ‘Trading Setups’ Module
  • The Power Bounce
  • The Cash Flow Setup
  • Trading Symmetrical Triangles
  • Trading Ascending Triangles
  • Trading Consolidations
  • Placing and Managing Trades
  • Conclusion To The ‘Trading Setups’ Module

Module 8: Candlestick Patterns

  • Candlestick Patterns Introduction
  • Candlestick Patterns – Basic Patterns
  • Candlestick Patterns – Intermediate Patterns 1
  • Candlestick Patterns – Intermediate Patterns 2
  • Candlestick Patterns – Advanced Patterns
  • Conclusion To The ‘Candlestick Patterns’ Module

Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 9

In these modules of the course, you learn about Bitcoin and the technology, without getting overly complicated. 

You will learn the basics of sending, receiving, how transaction fees work, how to monitor and check status of a transaction, and so much more.

In the later videos, you get to explore how to make and earn Bitcoin so you can build your own portfolio and start saving yourself.  This includes everything from earning Bitcoin from Google searches, to Bitcoin freelance jobs, to Bitcoin loans and even getting paid a full salary in Bitcoin. Plus much more.

This is one of the best and most enlightening parts of the course as you are bound to learn all types of cool new ways to collect Bitcoin.

Here are the modules you will find inside Secrets of the Bitcoin triangle. 

Introduction: Overview of the Bitcoin triangle and the process to start building your bank account full of Bitcoin. 

Wallets & security: Find 8 videos that will help you become an expert on crypto wallets.

Sending and receiving: Learn how to send, receive, monitor a transaction, buy crypto from multiple locations and gain a better understanding of the blockchain.

Making: This part of the course shows you numerous ways to start collecting and saving Bitcoin and other cryptos.  You can sell products and earn Bitcoin or work for someone directly and get paid in crypto. If you have the ambition and want to start adding more Bitcoin to your wallet, we will show you how to do it in these video modules.

Saving: Learn how to save money and earn more crypto with these smart rewards programs and various gateways/hubs that pay you extra crypto when you shop or use their service. 

Digital Money Revolution

After you learn how to start building your Bitcoin portfolio and even know how to make some trades on a crypto exchange, you may want to just completely nerd out and learn all the technical details behind what makes Bitcoin and many of it’s related products work.

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 10

In this module titled, The Digital Revolution, you will find 51 videos inside your members area that will surely answer almost every single question you ever had about Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain.

Instead of typing out each module, I have taken a screenshot of every video inside this part of the course. 

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 11

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 12

Everything listed above is what you find inside the main course. The modules listed below are easy to access from the back office once you are registered. 

Money Likes You

This module focuses on growing your Bitcoin balance through social media sites to help you reach your crypto and financial goals.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter who won’t pay you a share of their profits, these social networks promise to pay you and reward you for being part of the community. 

Cryptoversity Review: The Most Comprehensive Crypto Education in [year]? 13

You earn crypto by making posts, commenting on other posts or upvoting your favorite content on your feed.

You receive tokens that can be exchanged for real money just by using a different social media network.

There are over a dozen videos teaching you to use this system so you can start earning crypto rewards. 

Learn more about HIVE network here. 

We are not associated with the recommended social network that pays out crypto but have researched the company, and it appears to be a legit social network that does payout crypto. 

What’s the cost?

Cryptoversity offers multiple options depending on your budget and desire to learn.

All Access Pass

When you sign up for the all access pass, you get the entire library of content listed above. 

The entire package retails for $59.00 monthly and includes the following.

You get all the content mentioned above, plus you also receive all the bonuses on the secrets of money and how money really works. (important lessons for anyone wanting to own crypto.)

On top of the access you get to the massive media library of instructional videos and bonuses, you will be plugged into the Cryptoversity community of members where you can get additional help and coaching.  

You can interact with Chris directly and get your questions answered without waiting. 

Plus you are first to be notified and will have access to all the new content that is scheduled to be released for as long as you are a member. 

Individual Courses

If you don’t want to buy all the courses and want to learn about one specific topic, you can choose that option. 

Each course retails for a one-time payment of $50 and you get lifetime access, along with any updates on the content and instructional videos itself. 

This allows you to learn at your own pace and you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the content waiting to be watched and absorbed lined up in your queue. 

Pros and Cons

Chris is well respected in the cryptocurrency space but the space is vast and constantly growing and there is no possible way to capture all the information in this one course.

While it is hands down one of the most comprehensive courses we have seen in the crypto space that covers a great detail of important aspects many courses neglect to offer, crypto education is on-going, with new things being explored everyday.

The good news is, you really don’t need to know ALL the information.

This is why Cryptoversity is an excellent course for anyone wanting to up their knowledge massively in the crypto space, while getting paid to learn.

That is one of the biggest benefits of this program, is you are rewarded to learn about crypto. 


  • Most comprehensive course on crypto
  • 130+ videos available in broad range of subjects 
  • 20+ interviews from financial, crypto, policy, and business experts. 
  • Strong, credible reputation as crypto instructor and podcaster
  • Earn crypto for completing courses
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Courses range in price and not all are budget friendly
  • Large library of content can be overwhelming

Final Thoughts

The crypto space is still new but already we are seeing rising stars create amazing platforms to help people better understand the space and adopt crypto.

Chris is a wealth of knowledge and keeps his fingers on the pulse when it comes to anything important in this space and I trust that anyone who buys this course is in good hands, will learn boat loads of information about this space they never imagined and will discover how to really create profits as a cryptocurrency trader.

Cryptoversity is quickly becoming one of my favorite courses for crypto education. Chris Coney’s course provides high-value information for the cryptocurrency space. Whether you want to master the blockchain niche and become an expert on the subject or you want to become a better crypto trader, there is content in here that everyone can benefit from. 

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