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Today, we’re conducting a comprehensive TradingView evaluation. TradingView is a charting software that allows you to add indicators, drawing tools, and trade execution capabilities, among other things. TradingView is one of the industry’s leaders, with millions of monthly users. However, can you make money using a basic account or is there any advantage to upgrading

45 stars

In June 2012, TradingView was launched as a social network for active traders and provided its own programming language that allows users to modify charts and indicators. Because of its flexibility, it is still a popular selection among active traders and financial software businesses.

TradingView is a reliable and powerful platform for technical analysis. TradingView allows you to create multiple charts, displays indicators that allow traders to analyze data, shows real-time updates in the TradingView newsfeed, and provides TradingView University resources.


  • Free accounts get access to basic charting features
  • Large library of valuable educational resources
  • Access to impressive selection of market analysis tools
  • Mobile app with intuitive design and functionality


  • Can seem overwhelming with features for beginners
  • The most necessary features require a paid account

What is TradingView

TradingView is a powerful technical analysis software that works for both novices and experts. It’s dependable, comprehensive, and has most of what you need on a daily basis while trading.

TradingView Review: What is the best charting app in the world? 1

TradingView is a charting platform used to display the progress of various assets over time. TradingView allows individuals to create multiple charts and displays indicators for analysis. These charts can be embedded into TradingView’s interactive website as well as third-party websites via TradingView’s official widget.

Features of TradingView

TradingView Review: What is the best charting app in the world? 2

TradingView is the ideal platform for anyone wanting access to a wealth of information ranging from indicators, tools, trading insights, and more.

TradingView distinguishes itself because it offers the most sophisticated charting software along with a host of other features:

Detailed charting and analysis tools

The most essential tool for analyzing charts is a charting platform. You may either create basic charts to track one or two cryptos/stocks or complex dynamic charts that track many markets depending on your needs.

There’s a huge database of both conventional and custom-made indicators to assist you better analyze price changes, volume fluctuations, momentum, and other factors.

Price alerts & notifications

Set up alerts that go to your desktop or phone to notify you when certain conditions go outside your specified criteria.

Trading dashboard

The Trading Dashboard presents your open positions, current orders, and trade history in a concise but intuitive display. This dashboard helps you quickly understand the state of your portfolio at a glance.

Asset screener

Find stocks based on your specific criteria. TradingView’s screener is a valuable tool that helps you narrow down the selection of potential candidates based on numerous factors.

News feed

Read TradingView’s News feed to keep up-to-date with all the latest cryptocurrency and stock news. The TradingView team ensures an accurate, timely collection of relevant data from credible sources to help you develop and hone your trading strategies. TradingView provides real-time updates and fresh content to help traders stay on top of the markets.

Mobile app

Charts can be conveniently viewed from TradingView’s official mobile app either using touch controls or by pinching to zoom.

Custom analysis for advanced users

TradingView provides a programming language known as Pine script that enables you to build your own charts and indicators from the ground up.


TradingView’s community is a vibrant one with thousands of members from all over the world. You could ask a simple question about a certain indicator or share a chart with thousands of live viewers. With a few clicks, you can discover what active traders are doing, gather ideas, and collaborate with others in similar markets.


TradingView also offers a number of TradingView University resources, where you can learn more about technical analysis and how to apply it to your trading strategy.

TradingView Pricing

TradingView offers four account types, one free and three paid. There are three payment choices available: monthly, yearly, and every two years. A 30-day free trial is included with each premium plan.


Basic: If you’re a novice or simply want to try out TradingView, the basic account is ideal. There are few functions available. You have one chart and one alert per layout, as well as three indicators to utilize on one device. You may still use the social network, worldwide data, and economic earnings calendar. Customer assistance is not available at this level.

Paid Plans

Pro: Pro accounts include a wider range of tools, the ability to create up to 10 server-side notifications, and a desktop experience free of advertising. Pro accounts currently cost $14.95 per month.

Pro+: All of the capabilities you’ll find on a Pro account, plus more features, such as the ability to create indicators and export chart data. Pro+ accounts cost $29.95 per month.

Premium plan: Premium accounts give you unlimited access to all of TradingView’s features and tools. Premium plans offer the same features as the Pro+ account package, plus second-based intervals, non-expiring alerts, and more. Premium subscriptions start at $59.95 per month.

TradingView has two different ways to pay for their service. You can buy TradingView every month or every year. TradingView charges less when you pay for TradingView yearly than if you just buy TradingView monthly. TradingView’s costs are considerably lower than those of some of its rivals.

Mobile App

TradingView is jam-packed with features and tools, including a mobile app that replicates the desktop version.

TradingView Review: What is the best charting app in the world? 3

Access real-time market data, get price alerts, and all changes made on the mobile app are fully synced with the desktop version.

TradingView’s Trading Terminal is currently available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store for free.

Customer Support

You may only communicate with TradingView’s help crew through its platform messaging system presently. Chat assistance can be found by clicking on the “Support” symbol on the left side of your homepage. There is also a useful FAQ area on the site where you may discover answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Who should subscribe to TradingView?

Anyone who wants to take trading more serious should subscribe Trading View pro or premium plans. TradingView provides all of the tools you need to make better trading decisions in real time, along with educational resources that will help you learn about your trade. TradingView’s Trading Terminal gives investors a wide array of tools at their fingertips, including customizable scripts and indicators they can apply to their charts.

Final thoughts on TradingView

TradingView is a community of passionate traders and investors who agree: TradingView provides the best tools and data for technical analysis.

TradingView has been growing steadily, but it’s clear that TradingView will continue to grow into a major force in the future as more people learn about TradingView’s benefits.

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