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  • After a copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper was discovered on Mac computers, copyright infringement issues are surfacing.
  • The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright accuses Apple of breaking copyright laws.

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A few days after the Bitcoin manifesto was discovered in Mac computers, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr. Craig Wright, blames Apple for breaching copyright laws.

Responding to a tweet, Wright said that the tech giant could have infringed upon copyright after independent tech blogger Andy Baio discovered bitcoin whitepaper hidden in every copy of MacBooks shipped since 2018, per a report published Feb 6 by CryptoWhat.

Dr. Wright has claimed that he owns the intellectual property rights over Bitcoin and the underlying technologies, a patent trolling approach, asserting his alleged intellectual property against other companies.

In February, according to a report published by Reuters, a court in London greenlit Wright’s lawsuit against Bitcoin developers to proceed to trial. Specifically, the Australian scientist is suing 15 developers to recover 111,000 BTC, which he claims to have lost access to after his computer was allegedly hacked.

Social media users are now encouraging Wright to proceed and sue Apple, while others are discouraging him that he would likely fail considering the financial and legal strength of the tech behemoth.

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Bitcoin Whitepaper was first published in 2008 titled : A peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The vision described a new financial model where parties could transact without involving intermediaries. Under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the originator of the whitepaper disappeared in 2010 without revealing his identity, which has remained a mystery in the history of Bitcoin.

Steve Jobs could be the real Satoshi theory

But with the latest discovery of a copy of that vision buried in Mac computers, there is a new theory: the mysterious inventor could be Steve Jobs, the late founder and former CEO of Apple. Lark Davis, a Bitcoin enthusiast with 1.1 million followers, brought forward the argument.

‘‘Was Steve Jobs Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin? Davis tweeted. ‘‘Plus, Satoshi disappeared in December 2010, and Jobs passed on in October 2011. The timelines fit.’’

A section of users was quick to dismiss the claims citing the complexity of bitcoin code which reportedly took two years to develop, and that the whitepaper was embedded in macOS systems in 2017, years after the tech entrepreneur had passed on.

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