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As the crypto markets keep climbing, new crypto trading products and services arrive on the scene. Today, we are doing a Wunderbit review, a look into an emerging fin tech company focusing on exchange offerings and robot crypto trader technology. See our full thoughts and findings on Wunderbit in this Wunderbit review. 

Wunderbit review

45 stars

Want to put your crypto trading on autopilot and wondering if Wunderbit is the answer to cracking six and seven figure profits? Wunderbit was launched in 2017 and is the brainchild of four experienced traders, who have seen first-hand how cryptocurrency markets can fluctuate.

The trading strategy is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) which are designed to analyze an ever-changing crypto market.

Wunderbit has been in development for over three years, with extensive testing done before it was released as a public product so you can rest assured knowing they aren’t going away anytime soon!

Their platform looks impressive at first glance – but does Wunderbit really work? Or is this just another scammer looking to take advantage of people’s naiveté? Keep reading to find out!


  • Fairly easy to use with tons of different options for each trade.
  • You can choose when you want the system to execute trades – which could be either automatic or manual.
  • Excellent FAQ and training section.
  • Lots of positive reviews and testimonials.


  • No demo account offered
  • Should have experience with technical analysis before using
  • No mobile app
  • Technical skills needed for custom robot creation

Wunderbit Review

In this blog post, we’ll check out everything there is to know about the Wunderbit automatic crypto trader and do a full Wunderbit review so you can make an informed decision before investing your money with it.

Wunderbit offers a couple different products to support the growing crypto community and rising attention to the space. Today we are going to be focusing on the exchange and automated trading robot tools that are offered to anyone at no cost.

Let’s jump in.

What is Wunderbit?

wunderbit review

The Wunderbit Crypto Trader is a robot that trades cryptocurrencies for you automatically. It’s not the first crypto trader on the market, but it does offer some unique features and one of the best guarantees in this niche.

It is an app that connects to many of the top trading exchanges in the world.

People who use this system are given tools that help them trade and invest in cryptocurrency. They can do it all from one place.

What Does The Robot Do?

The main function of the bot is to trade cryptocurrencies on your behalf – ideally with minimal risk and high returns thanks to AI algorithms that are capable of trading as well or better than the top traders.

Wunderbit exchange: The crypto exchange is a newly established, state-of-the-art trading platform that offers over 300 cryptocurrencies.

Wunderbit Crypto Trader: The Wunderbit cryptocurrency robot trader automatically trades for you.

If you ever wanted to turn your passive crypto trading into an active one, this is the right choice for you. The Wunderbit Crypto Trader is a robot that does it all for you automatically:

  • Start trading right out of gate on your favorite supported exchange.
  • Without any coding experience, you have the option to custom build your own crypto trading robot.
  • It finds profitable trades on over 20 exchanges and executes them for you.
  • Designed and optimized to handle any market condition, day or night.

Who is it for?

Wunderbit is for those who want to get into crypto trading but feel overwhelmed by the complexity and risks involved.

It’s also perfect for traders with a long-term perspective that are not looking to trade on high frequency, since Wunderbits robot only performs one trade per day.

How does it work?

The Wunderbit Crypto Trader system is 100% automatic – it scans multiple exchanges at once, without any human input. It’s a trading robot that makes trades based on complex algorithms using historical charts and live data. The customer sets up an account with their desired deposit size and can choose from a multitude of features offered.

Is Wunderbit safe?

Wunderbit Trading is a safe platform that does not store any crypto funds. Users connect to crypto exchanges using an API and configure the permissions through their own user account.

The automated crypto trading bots will perform trades on the exchanges you connect via API.

The software has been tested over 20 times before releasing it publicly and was designed and programmed in accordance with industry standards of security. You just have to make sure not to share your login details with anyone because once someone else logs in using them they could change any settings and get access to your funds.

Using 2FA as another layer of protection is smart when using exchanges and crypto traders.


Trade automatically according to your settings

No need to constantly monitor the markets. Your crypto traders will do it for you when you use the portfolio tracking tools.

You can set up a bot that trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins on any of over 24 exchanges or just one exchange if you prefer.

Connect and trade your account on multiple exchange via API

Is The Wunderbit Crypto Trader A Scam? Wunderbit Review [year] 1

Syncing your account via a secure API will keep your account safe and allow you to execute trades on multiple exchanges at once.

Popular exchanges are supported and more coming

You can rely on accessing the coins you want to trade with your favorite exchanges when you connect with the Wunderbit robot trading tool.

Social trading and portfolio management offered

Copy-Trading is a type of trading strategy when you follow one or a group of traders. This lets you be exactly like the professionals and can be automated when you use a method called copy-trading or mirror-trading.

Copy the best traders and manually take trades or access the account management feature where you pay a commission every time your trader of choice executes a profitable trade.

Integration with Trading view to get price alerts and signals

Never miss another rally in price or opportunity to short the market because you can’t get the news on time. Get instant and custom notifications on price movement in multiple currencies at a time with simple Trading View integration.

Why use Wunderbit?

The Wunderbit Trading Bot is the best way to automatically trade crypto currency. You can decide how you want your trades executed and when, 24/hours a day from anywhere in the world.

You will be able to manage multiple accounts on different exchanges through one user account as well as have access to portfolio management features that allow you to view and analyze your performance in any time frame.

The Wunderbit Trading Bot has a flexible built-in trade engine that will execute trades according to the strategy of your choosing, so you can maximize profit and minimize risk on a live crypto exchange or automated trading platform like Binance Exchange.

The robot offers a unique algorithm called “VWAP Trading” which automatically sets entry prices based on historical performance data from multiple sources – including real-time API access to major crypto exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, GDAX, etc., as well as tools such as wizbii and Coinmarketcap. This leads to more accurate trade entries with better potential gains than other bots in this niche offer.

Wunderbit never stories your crypto or has access to your assets on the exchange. 

How to get started

Getting your account setup can be done in minutes and just like all other reputable crypto entities and exchanges, they require verification of Id by submitting your contact information and uploading a high-quality scan of your photo ID along with another photo of yourself holding the same document.

  1. Create your account at Wunderbit
  2. Submit contact details for KYC
  3. Upload ID with matching info
  4. Upload image of yourself holding the ID.

Is The Wunderbit Crypto Trader A Scam? Wunderbit Review [year] 2

Wunderbit fees

With Wunderbit, there are a couple different trading packages you can choose from.

Is The Wunderbit Crypto Trader A Scam? Wunderbit Review [year] 3

You can get started at no cost to test the waters out and use all the trading tools.

At $10 a month, you can connect to two exchanges and use five trading robots.

At $25 a month, you can connect to all the exchanges and trade with up to 15 different trading bots having 5 exchanges trading simultaneously.

The largest package at $44.95 per month offers unlimited exchanges, trading positions open and active trading bots.

Is The Wunderbit Crypto Trader A Scam? Wunderbit Review [year] 4

There is a “investor option if you plan on using the social trading features. This gives you access to all trading signals generated by professional traders with years of experience in cryptocurrency trading, so you get an edge when investing over other people who don’t know what they’re doing.

Pros and cons of using Wunderbit

Like all trading software and automated robots, there are plenty of upsides when using the tool correctly but it’s very easy for an inexperienced person to lose money no matter what trading platform they are using.


  • Fairly easy to use with tons of different options for each trade.
  • You can choose when you want the system to execute trades – which could be either automatic or manual.
  • Excellent FAQ and training section.
  • Lots of positive reviews and testimonials.


  • No demo account offered
  • Should have experience with technical analysis before using
  • No mobile app
  • Technical skills needed for custom robot creation

Wunderbit compared

It’s an easy to use system with intuitive interface and loaded with features every trader can appreciate. The customer support team are also very helpful and respond quickly when needed. We also found a ton of positive reviews on their social media!

If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable, user friendly way to trade cryptocurrencies then this might be just what you need – check out Wunderbit today!

The alternative choice to Wunderbit is 3commas or CryptoHopper which are popular crypto trading robots.

How Much Can I Earn With This Bot?

This is a hard question to answer because it’s impossible to predict the future. We can only speculate and see what the bot has done in the past. So far, it seems to have made money pretty consistently with a relatively low risk strategy that doesn’t use leverage like some competing bots do.

Is The Bot Worth It?

There is no easy answer for this question as there are many factors at play when making decisions about cryptocurrency trading bots.

At the end of the day, the tools can only be as good as the trader. Sharpen the tools in your belt and keep learning to become better and then you will start to see the advantages of using tools like this.

Wrapping up

As the crypto space grows, you will see more and more crypto trading tools like this. Our experience and research so far shows that Wunderbit can be an incredibly useful tool but it’s important to combine your knowledge along with other technical indicators and market trends in order to fully maximize your profits.

That being said, beginners can benefit from this but we encourage you learn the basics to trading crypto.

Do You Have More Questions About This Tool? If you would like some additional help understanding how crypto robots work or want any other advice on trading crypto, make sure to join our crypto mastermind community and learn from successful traders.

Visit Wunderbit Trading and create your free account today

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