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Coinbase Alternatives 

Coinbase is a popular broker for those looking to buy Bitcoin but there are many Coinbase alternatives. We found 10 crypto brokers that are similar to Coinbase.

Maybe you do not like the interface and looking for a Coinbase alternative. Perhaps you find features lacking. Whatever the reason, not everyone is a fan of Coinbase. If you fall into this category, here are some excellent options to consider.

Coinbase is a great option for beginners but it’s limited to the amount of coins you can trade.  Our favorite is Uphold which you can learn more about below. 

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Uphold is a cloud-based platform. Since its launch in 2015, it has been used by more than 6 million people in over 188 countries. Users have the ability to buy, store, send, receive, and convert different assets. As one of the most trusted and respected cryptocurrency wallets, users prefer it hands down over others they have tried.

Opening your wallet account on Uphold: This platform is relatively easy to set up and get going. Once users have installed the wallet, you need to open it and provide your email address. There are two types of accounts to choose from – business or individual.

Some personal details are required, such as date of birth, full legal name, state of residence, and username, among others. Confirmations will be sent to both your email account and your mobile phone. If security is a concern, it is recommended that you set up two-factor authentication.

  • Adding, receiving, and sending through your Uphold wallet is very user-friendly. Every step is laid out so that it is logical and easy to find.
  • To make users fees even more secure, Uphold is monitored 24/7 by a security monitoring team.
  • Conversions, deposits, and withdrawals incur fees. The amount of the fees is based on the type of transaction, the limit, and the method.
  • Uphold is regulated by FinCEN, overseen by the United States Treasury Department.
  • Transactions show as pending until they are confirmed by the blockchain network.

Uphold supports 12 cryptocurrencies, 23 Fiat currencies, and 4 precious metals.

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Offering a variety of fiat to Bitcoin pairs, Kraken is a leading European based exchange. They boast decent volume numbers and offer several popular crypto to crypto pairs. Based out of California, Kraken launched in 2011.

  • Security features are very high on Kraken. Besides two-factor authentication, they also have PGP/GPG encryption.
  • They have four verification levels. The process gets slightly stricter each level you go up.
  • Fees have been reduced to a portion of what they previously were. There are flat fees for different country/currency combinations, and cryptocurrency withdrawal fees are based on the type of coins and minimum amounts. Trading fees are applied to the taker and the maker and they vary based on the trading type and volume.
  • More than 180 countries can use the platform.
  • 14 coins are traded.

Their software is highly rated, and it is used by both beginners and experienced traders. Kraken itself has never been hacked. However, there have been user accounts without two-factor authentication. For overall security, 2FA, PGP, and GSL are offered.

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New to the cryptocurrency exchange game, Binance launched in 2017. Within a short amount of time, they have managed to become the largest exchange in the world by volume.

  • Their platform is not as user-friendly as some others, but it has so many features that make up for it. Among these are low fees, high liquidity, and a huge number of markets.
  • The fees are wonderful. They begin at only 0.1% but are further reduced to 0.05% if you use their own crypto coin, BNB.
  • No one seems to know exactly how many types of currencies are traded on Binance, but everyone agrees that it is staggering.
  • Their mobile app is top-notch.
  • Set up and verification is relatively easy.

Binance has 2FA, but there is no confirmation of other impressive security measures.

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This list has been updated and cleaned up to show crypto exchanges with a strong reputation and history. 

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