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Coingate review

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Keep reading below to see what you get inside the Cryptoversity program. 


  • Most comprehensive course on crypto
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  • Courses range in price and not all are budget friendly
  • Large library of content can be overwhelming


CoinGate is a cryptocurrency payment processor for online platforms that provide commercial services to individuals and businesses.

It enables businesses and individuals to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, along with other 50 altcoins as a payment against their products selling through online or POS(traditional) options.

Along with that, it also provides individuals and companies with opportunities to trade their digital assets in the crypto market.

How it works

Coingate is a type of a gateway for both online traders and merchants, as it lifts their business potential by enabling them to sell their goods against cryptocurrencies.

The platform connects software integrations for renowned e-commerce businesses such as Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc with Point of Sale applications for both Android and iOS, crypto payment API, built-in plugins, and payment buttons to simplify crypto payments for both retailers and buyers.

Traders associated with the Coingate platform, also have the ability to purchase and sell their cryptos at the updated possible price from different cryptocurrency exchanges via their mobile credit, bank transfer, credit card, and various other integrated payment methods.

There is also a feature for converting crypto coins into fiat currencies such as USD or Euro for quicker and suitable handling and processing. 

A brief glance at Coingate history

CoinGate was founded in 2014, and launched its services in March of the subsequent year. After staying in the market for two years, the platform started to get traction in February 2017, significantly, when it announced to accept bank cards to purchase bitcoins and altcoins. 

To make this happen, the platform partnered with ShapeShipt and added over 50 digital currencies, during the same year. 

After this move, Coingate became one of the major players in the crypto arena. Later on, in December 2017, Coingate started using SegWitt addresses and was reported to process over 100,000 transactions in a span of 12 months. 

In the early months of 2018, CoinGate partnered with Prestashop to enable merchants to accept cryptocurrencies through the CoinGate plugin.

By the end of September 2018, CoinGate started implementing Lightning Network for transactions and became among the pioneers of Bitcoin payment processors. 

In other words, Coingate was the one that introduced the latest technology dubbed Bitcoin Payment Processor (BPP) at the time for heaps of merchants to scale their business on a new level, worldwide.

According to the reports, by November 2020, the platform had amassed a clientele of whopping 184,000 across the world, and the transactions reached over 1 million. 


Now we will discuss the main benefits and features that an online merchant or a trader could get by employing Coingate BPP together with their business. 

Online Entrepreneurs and Traders Can Receive Cryptos as Payments

Coingate is built to accommodate online businesses, traders, and e-Commerce websites. In other words, the platform suits both traders and retail customers that want to pay in crypto. 

Advanced Features

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, most of you agree that Bitcoin and Blockchain are the future. So incorporating cryptocurrencies for commercial use sounds great.

For businesses and retailers who are interested in selling their goods against cryptocurrencies, Coingate is quite a handy tool. As we have mentioned above, it has provided it’s customer base with innovative features that include Bitcoin POS(Point of Sale), plugins, and widgets for e-Commerce businesses such as Magento, OpenCart, VirtueMart, and WooCommerce. 

Android and iOS Application

The platform has built and deployed Bitcoin POS smartphone applications for both Android and iOS versions, allowing customers to purchase your products anytime directly from their mobile devices.

Having such a payment gateway at your disposal, the community has a convenient and seamless shopping experience along with a quick and secure payment method. 

Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Altcoins

As it should be no surprise for you that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming popular in both online and offline markets around the globe.

Therefore, many investors and adventurous people are looking for opportunities to invest and increase their wealth. If you are someone who is looking for a platform that not only enables you to purchase cryptocurrencies but also allows you to trade and sell them on your preference, then Coingate could be the right choice for you. 

Coingate: Trading View

Coingate Review 2022: A New Way To Trade Crypto 1

The success of every cryptocurrency exchange and platform largely depends on the Trading View it presents to the crypto enthusiasts, as it allows them to stay up to date with the current trends of the market and take decisions regarding your assets without much trouble.

Although, most of the trading platforms provide purchase and sell boxes on their Trading View, that is often not enough data. 

Top-performing platforms of the market present their community with advanced tools such as charts, order history(transactions done in the past regarding the particular coin), margin trading, etc, which helps them to make decisions based on more accurate analysis.

Moreover, Coingate’s seasoned traders can also adjust settings and add various indicators to gain more insight. 

Fees and Costs

Trading fees

Even though Coingate enables their clientele to buy, sell, and trade their cryptocurrency assets, it is still more like a cryptocurrency storage medium than a traditional exchange.

Users can purchase cryptocurrency from Coingate’s inventory, but the platform does not allow their users to perform cryptocurrency swaps with each other. 

Because of this reason, the fees charged by Coingate are relatively difficult to assimilate than the fees charged by other cryptocurrency exchanges(0.2 for takers and 0.15 for makers) in the arena.

The Coingate platform charges its clientele a 3% trading fee, which is relatively high if we compared it with platforms providing the same type of services in the arena. 

Withdrawal fees

In this regard, you are not required to pay any fees for withdrawing your crypto funds from the platform. However, Coingate charges you for network fees while you withdraw your funds.

The network is something that you pay to the miners of the particular blockchain or cryptocurrency, it is not paid to the platform itself. These fees totally depend on the network’s pressure on day to day basis. 

All things considered, if you are to pay only the network fee while withdrawing your funds, Coingate takes the lead in this regard against its competitors in the market.

Deposit Methods

On Coingate, users can deposit their funds in multiple ways such as through debit card, wire transfer, and also you can deposit using the Swedish payment broker Klarna. 

How secure is Coingate?

As we have mentioned above, Coingate is more of a storage unit for cryptocurrencies than an actual crypto exchange, so it’s primary priority is to securely custody your crypto.

For this purpose, they store all the clientele’s digital assets in a hard wallet or cold storage. Hard wallets are those that are completely off the grid from the internet. 

As for the security concerns on the client side, the platform employs the industry standard 2-Factor Authentication security protocol.

By using this security protocol, it is almost impossible for a cybercriminal to access your account and crypto-assets unless they have your mobile device. Moreover, the platform also requires you to verify your identity when you are setting up your account for the first time. 

Regarding the primary concerns of crypto-investors, Whether Coingate is legit or a Scam? There are mixed reviews about the platform on the internet.

For many, Coingate is a legit platform for trading purposes with a satisfactory experience. While for others, there are complaints as well regarding the platform’s customer support and lack of transparency.

Few of the critics also expressed their loss of assets while performing transactions. 

Understandably, the authenticity of these complaints and accusations cannot be confirmed unless they are presented with proof as there are many services in the crypto-verse that have had a fair share of such accusations.

Having said that, if we look at both the positive and negative reviews, surely, Coingate has to do some work on cleaning up it’s image. As for the moment, we cannot firmly assume that Coingate is a perfect and safe gateway.

Coingate: Pros and Cons


  • Support more than 50 cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple deposit options
  • Up to date price updates
  • Number of blogs on Coingate
  • 24/7 Customer Support Service
  • Satisfactory security measures employed


  • Limited cryptocurrencies support
  • No Free Trial
  • High Trading Fees

Coingate: Affiliate Program

Like many prominent platforms, Coingate also facilitates its clientele to earn profits while referring it to their friends through their affiliate and partner program.

When you share the platform using the referral link provided, then you will benefit up to 1% of the total amount earned every time while trading.

Not just that, your friends also benefit by paying lower transaction fees. 


If you have read this review completely, then you might agree with us that Coingate surely is an attractive FinTech company that is making its traction on a consistent basis.

With the help of updated prices and seamless payment procedures, you can perform your trading, purchasing, and selling of crypto funds with low fees and without having to worry about security.

Coingate is also an attractive platform for you if you want to sell your products and services online against cryptocurrencies of your preference, as it is a marketplace for both small and big online businesses and enterprises.

You can get signed up with Coingate and test their system out with the link below. 

Waqas Sattar
Waqas is a professional journalist and crypto writer. A graduate of computer science, Waqas is highly interested in the intersection of global governance & the decentralized world.
By: Patrick Moore
By: Patrick Moore