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Best Bitcoin Exchanges [year]

Over the last seven years, we have tested dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges and have come up with a list of criteria for choosing which exchanges we like the most. We select our favorite crypto exchanges based on credibility, security, features offered, pricing and coins available for trade. 

We have recently updated our list due to the FTX debacle and uncertainty of reserves/lack of transparency of reserves on other exchanges.

There are very few exchanges we feel comfortable recommending as the crypto industry goes through a clean up phase to get rid of the bad players. 

 Some of the brokers below have certain geographical restrictions and U.S. customers will not be allowed to register. The countries available to U.S. citizens are labeled accordingly. 

At this time, this is our #1 recommended crypto exchange based on these factors.

  • Uphold never loans your money out
  • Uphold is the only company that has been transparent and offer real-time proof of 100% reserves.
  • Uphold offers more than just crypto. You can buy stocks, precious metals and they are one of the only exchanges that is offering XRP during the lawsuit with the SEC. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

At CryptoWhat, we reviewed and tested all the best options for buying and exchanging Bitcoin in 2022.  We determine our favorites based on each exchanges attributes and trading features available. 

Not all coins are available on all exchanges and not all exchanges operate and function the same. Each country abides by different sets of regulations so depending on the exchange you choose, may or may not have the same level or security and protection.

It’s also important to note that some cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers are completely decentralized and don’t require verification of account for purchase.

Keep in mind, the more anonymous and less restrictive, the chances increase of making mistakes and losing your funds.

We prefer to stick with cryptocurrency exchanges that have a reputable history and go the extra mile to protect it’s users. Here is our list of recommended cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Other Bitcoin Exchanges in [year]

This list has been updated and we have removed any questionable crypto exchanges.  You can never be too careful. 

Coinbase – Most reliable and trusted US Bitcoin exchange

Uphold – Best Bitcoin exchange mixed with stocks and equities

four stars

Coinbase: One of the many reasons Coinbase has become so reputable is the fact that Coinbase is perhaps one of the safer exchanges one can use to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase was one of the first brokers in the U.S. that offered Bitcoin purchase by credit card. Coinbase also stores your coins offline to ensure maximum protection of your investment. 

Avail. in USA

What We Like

+ Low minimum deposits

+ Excellent platform for both new and seasoned traders

+ Huge catalog of assets to trade

+ Your digital assets are insured against hacks

+ Very high liquidity

What We Don’t Like

+ Higher transaction fees compared to others

+ Users and traders don’t have full control of wallet key

Deposit Fees US: (vary by location)

  • Debit Cards – 3.99%
  • Bank Account – 1.99%
  • Coinbase wallet USD – 1.49%
  • ACH – Free
  • Credit Cards – 3.99% 
  • Wire Transfer – $10

Withdrawal Fees:

  • Wire – 1%

Trading fees: 

  • as low as 1.49%
  • Crypto Conversion – 2%

Uphold: Uphold is a cloud-based platform. Since its launch in 2015, it has been used by more than 6 million people in over 188 countries. Users have the ability to buy, store, send, receive, and convert different assets. This means you can swap crypto for other assets like equities and international currencies, or your favorite precious metals. 

Avail. in USA

What We Like

+ The site offers free storage

+ Automatic currency conversion

+ Affordable trading rates on currency exchange

+ Privacy and security are given top priorities

+ Instant money transfer

What We Don’t Like

+ Very few educational resources compared to its competitors

Deposit Fees:

  • Bank Account – free
  • Debit Card – 3.99%
  • Bank Transfer – 3.99%
  • Crypto – no fee

Withdrawal Fees:

  • Crypto – $2.99
  • Bank Transfer – $3.99

Trading fees: 

  • As low as 0%

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