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With cryptocurrency surpassing over $2.5 trillion dollars in value in 2021, and the anticipation of large institutional investors getting ready to flood into the markets, more and more people are starting to think about investing in cryptocurrerncy.

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies: Book Summary and Review 1

A popular book that many beginner traders seek out is “Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies” a book that covers the basics to getting started with cryptocurrency trading. 

If you are wondering whether or not this book can help you become a profitable crypto trader, you are at the right spot. 

We are reviewing the book, giving a summary, and sharing our overall opinion on “Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies.”

What is Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies?

Defined as the cryptocurrency trading book for beginners, inside this book is a simple cryptocurency and Bitcoin guide along with an introduction to trading cryptocurrency.

What will you learn?

Inside this book, you will learn about cryptocurrency and what to look for when deciding to invest or trade a certain digital asset. 

The reader explains basic trading strategies, how to manage risk, and barebones technical analysis strategies. 

There are also a few sections that briefly cover mining, taxes, and wallets, along with some outdated, possibly illegal investing techniques that is likely frowned upon by the SEC in 2021. 

Who should read this book?

This book is not for everyone and most of the information found in this book is now available online for free, and/or possibly giving bad advice related to trading activities that are deemed illegal in most countries that are attempting to enforce regulation. 

This means practicing some of these strategies in this book can land you in hot water. Unless the book has been updated, I would stay away from.

Other cryptocurrency trading books

There are plenty of other books that cover cryptocurrency trading in more detail.

See our list of best cryptocurrency books. 

Cryptocurrency trading education

Becoming a skilled and profitable trader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to learn how to become a successful cryptocurrency trader.

Reading books is a great start and we encourage continued education.

Maybe consider joining a cryptocurrency trading community where you can learn profitable trading techniques and watch videos from expert traders.

There are a number of cryptocurrency trading courses available but we always recommend Bitcoin Lifestyles. 

You will find thousands of active members to engage with, bounce ideas off of, and get access to coin projects before anybody else, as we are constantly discover new gems.  

Overall opinion on Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

As mentioned above, we are a fan of learning how to trade cryptocurrency but you need to be careful where you get your information. 

Some of the information in this book is outdated and can possibly land you in legal trouble. 

Unless this book gets updated, we recommend you join Bitcoin Lifestyles and learn from cryptocurrency traders that have a history of success and continue to adapt and update their course so you have maximum advantage for profits.

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By: Patrick Moore
By: Patrick Moore