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Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been one of the leading altcoins for the past few years. The cryptocurrency has become popular due to the various benefits of its blockchain. However, despite its popularity, some crypto proponents still don’t know much about XLM. Some even confuse it with XRP, the cryptocurrency behind Ripple. This post will address that and educate readers on Stellar Lumens, what it does, and other crucial information.

Stellar XLM Price

What is XLM?

stellar xlm

Following the massive success of Bitcoin, a plethora of innovative crypto currencies have sprung up in the cryptomarket. Some of them have perfectly established themselves as a long-term solution for the constantly evolving market like Ethereum, while others haven’t been able to adapt to the market landscape. One such serious project that has well-positioned itself and maintained a firm-footing in the market has to be Stellar Lumens. It is a native crypto token which has been in the market since 2014. 

XLM is the native cryptocurrency of the Stellar blockchain. Stellar Lumens is a blockchain platform that aims to make it easier for people and institutions to conduct cross-border transactions. The network intends to ease cross-border remittance by enabling faster transactions and reducing the high fees attached. 

This cryptocurrency has similar functions to XRP, which is used by RippleNet and other technologies to ease cross-border transactions. Stellar XLM is unique because it allows people to send any type of currency and have it arrive as another type of currency. This means that you can send Bitcoin, and the recipient receives it as Euros. Or you can send the US dollar, and the other party would receive it as Ethereum.

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast who is  looking for a budget-friendly investment in the crypto sector, Stellar Lumen (XLM) could be a perfect choice for you. Scroll down to check out our  detailed review on the alt coins Stellar Lumens (XLM). 

Understanding the Stellar Network and Stellar Lumens (XLM)  

First things first. Before we delve into the details of Stellar Lumens and its value, it is important to eliminate some confusions regarding Stellar and Stellar Lumens. 

Stellar is often mistakenly referred to as Stellar Lumens. However, it is crucial to understand that Stellar is a decentralized open-code source network that allows you to carry transactions within and across the border using fiat money and digital currencies. The global network ranks as one of the top 30 networks with a total market capitalization worth $2.1 billion

Stellar came into being in 2014. It was established by Jed McCaleb in partnership with Joyce Kimon on a website called “Secret Bitcoin Project” in 2014. By the next year, Jed McCaleb officially launched the network. Stellar global network connects all the investors and crypto traders and enables them to carry out high-speed transactions with low transaction charges. As a leading network, it aims to facilitate large international financial institutions and small entities to come under one umbrella and work together. The payment network also helps to connect banking institutions, connected banks, finance officials and people all across the glive with its platform, therwby maming financial transactions efficient and transparent. 

Stellar Network is powered by Stellar Lumens (XLM) which is the native currency of the network. 

Initially, these currencies shared the same name as its precursor, however, it is still listed as stellar on exchange platforms. Therefore, technically, if you are buying Stellar, you are purchasing Stellar Lumens or XLMS. You can easily convert both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies into Lumens. 

These tokens serve as the backbone of the network and offer an excellent exchange rate to ensure efficient global transactions. They are supported by Stellar Development Foundation and function as the key driver of the Foundation to offer greater accessibility to financial offerings on a larger level.

How does XLM work?

If you are eager to understand the working of the XLM, it is essential to build the following key concepts:

  • Stellar is a cross-border payment nework which uses Lumen (XLM) as its transferring value.
  • It implies that whenever you make a transaction, your currency is converted into Lumens. 
  • Eventually, these are transfered through a network which converts them into the target currency at the receiver’s end.

Whenever a transaction is made through Stellar, it is recorded on the Stellar Ledger. This consensus mechanism ensures the integrity of the blockchain by using different nodes. The consensus algorithm also helps to prevent practices like double-spending and permanent audit during the transactions on the network. It guarantees seamless transaction, with its XLM tokens acting as a connecting bridge.

Moreover, you can also use your own currencies along with fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies using Stellar XLM. For example, users who get reward points or free airline miles can convert them and transfer them using Stellar Network. Furthermore, the platform makes sure it provides you with the lowest exchange rates to make your transactions cost-effective. 

As far as the structure of the blockchain is concerned, there are barely any major differences. However, the protocol is quipped with some innovative features and provides some unique benefits to its users. 

Unique Features and Benefits of XLM

Let’s take a closer look at some features which helps the tokens to stand out:

  • Low Transaction Charges:

Despite the network being decentralized, it charges extremely low transaction fees unlike other bigger networks. The transaction fees are as low as 0.00001 XLM per transaction. This feature makes it highly popular among users who can save up extra bucks when making cross-border payments. 

  • Flexibility: 

Stellar is incredibly flexible as it enables users to set up multi-purpose accounts. You can choose any account, from savings account to business account to a loan repayment account to suit yourself. 

  • User-friendly:

This payment network is super simple and easy to use. You can easily set up your account on your own and begin your transactions. In fact, you don’t even need to learn how to sign a transaction. 

  • Security:

Stellar employs the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) to provide robust security. SCP regulates the decision-making of different nodes in the network to mitigate criminals from taking advantage of the loopholes.

Future Outlook 

Stellar’s price witnessed a significant growth in 2021. However, the currency hasn’t yet surpassed its highest record  of almost $0.94 that it established in January 2018.

This is one of the primary reasons why some potential investors buyers are wary of the currency. Despite its record-breaking success in the previous year, it hasn’t been able to achieve any new milestones like the industry-leaders. Given that there are many other cryptocurrencies that enable quick transactions, it’s normal to question if Stellar has tasted it’s pinch of success.

The volatility of Stellar and other coins can be very high. It’s impossible to predict whether Stellar will be successful in the long run, but now that you are fully aware of the pros and cons of the investment, you can determine if it’s a venture you want to try. 

How to buy Stellar (XLM)?

Once you have decided to try Stellar, the easiest way is to buy Stellar Lumens using a trading platform. It’s important to differentiate between platforms that let you keep your own Lumens and those that let you profit from price fluctuations but are less accommodating when it comes to withdrawing the tokens. For example, the Changelly digital asset exchanger is a well-liked option for experienced users to purchase or trade cryptocurrency.

Final Words

Overall, Stellar XLM is one of the many rivals of the industry-leaders including Ethereum and Bitcoin. The unique features and benefits of Stellar XLM including best exchange rates, low-transaction fees, transparent consensus mechanism to ensure a seamless transaction and flexibility of the tokens have helped them stand out from the crowd. If you are looking forward to make a low-ilbudget investment in the cryptomarket, Stellar XLM might be a perfect way to kickstart your crypto trade. 

Stellar XLM Chart Live





Founding date:

Total coin supply:

Consensus protocol:

July 30, 2014
100 Billion

Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP)

Jan 1, 2012
100 Billion

Proof of Correctness (PoC)


It increases by 1% annually

No, it decreases depending on variable burn rate

Transaction speed:

Programming language:

2-5 seconds


4 seconds

Financial institutions

See current market cap and pricing details along with XLM charting analysis

xlm vs. xrp

How to buy and store Lumens (XLM)

You need the XLM coins to use the Stellar network. Luckily, the cryptocurrency can be found on various cryptocurrency exchanges and are available for trade directly on the Stellar blockchain also. 

If you are in the US,  Uphold and Coinbase are two popular cryptocurrency exchanges that you can buy XLM with the US Dollar.  

Outside the US, you have various cryptocurrency exchanges to buy XLM. Some of the exchanges include Bittrex, Huobi, Binance, Changelly, CEX.IO, and a wide range of others. Due to the large market cap and popularity of XLM, you can purchase the cryptocurrency on virtually on exchanges. 

After purchasing XLM, we don’t advise you to store them on your cryptocurrency exchange due to the vulnerability of the platforms to hack. Instead, you can store them on hot or cold wallet storage units like Trezor and Ledger. After saving your XLM, ensure to keep your private keys safe so that you don’t lose permanent access to your wallet. 


Stellar Lumens (XLM) is one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap. It is a popular crypto that helps facilitate cross-border remittance. However, unlike XRP, which targets banks and other financial institutions, Stellar offers its services to individuals. XLM continues to gain adoption thanks to its meager transaction fees and the fast transaction speed. 

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