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To start making money with crypto and set yourself up for financial freedom, you must copy the people that are having success. 

You can now become a crypto trading expert right from the comfort of your own home. Here are 10 free videos from my ultra-talented, millionaire crypto trading mentor and friend. 

1.Trading Security and Best Practices

In the first video, you learn some of the basics to securing your funds and protecting your account. 

2. Crypto Storage & Security

Learn how to use cold storage wallets like the ones mentioned in the video or store your coins on a desktop wallet which is safer than keeping your coins on an exchange.

3. Avoid FOMO Mentality

Controlling your emotions and knowing when to make trades is going to be the difference between you succeeding or failing.

4. Trading The Trends

You can trade in any market and some of the most successful traders have mastered how to trade with the trend. Learn what the pros are doing to increase your chances of profits. 

5. Do Your Own Research

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a coin that is performing well but that doesn’t mean you should always jump in and buy because someone tells you to. What are their motives? How early did they buy? How reliable or credible is the source? Many things to consider and investigate on your own before you just throw money at something.

6. Diving In

Being privvy to what is happening in the crypto space will open many doors for potential profit opportunities. Staying immersed in the industry will allow you to get in on projects before the public gets word of them

7. Creating Your Game Plan

It’s time to come up with the game plan. How much money are you trying to make? What can you afford to invest be okay with losing? How can you use your profits to diversify and increase your wealth further? We want to make sure before you spend a dime on trading that you have a blueprint and strategy that sets you up for success.

8. Learning Market Analysis

Understanding fundamental and technical analysis of cryptocurrency projects gives you a lot of data you can use to execute trade decisions. Knowing fundamentals tells you the company bio, technology, team experience, overall capabilities and allows you to measure their ability to perform based on this public criteria.

9. Risk Management Strategies

Trading Bitcoin is not like betting all your money on red at a casino. In fact, it’s the opposite. You are taking a percentage of your chips and betting 23 after number crunching and calculating your odds and seeing it show up 50+ times today. You believe strongly in 23 but you aren’t willing to go broke over 23. You are willing to bet but make sure you have enough capital for other opportunities. And you are willing to only lose so much betting on 23 but if it doesn’t come up you take your losses and move on to the next one that makes sense.

10. Avoid Crypto Trading Scams

It’s easy to be tempted by various programs or account trading managers that try to part you and your money with the promise of being able to multiple or grow it X percent. Run! In our program, we teach you how to do this yourself. We never ask for your Bitcoin to make trades and we don’t make outlandish promises or guarantees on anything. We simply teach you the fundamentals to Bitcoin and how to profit with multiple methods of trading.

Important Resources For Getting Started with Crypto

Now that you have a micro understanding of cryptocurrency and how to safely proceed with getting started with buying Bitcoin and dipping your toes in the water with trading; here are a couple important resources that allow you to buy and store your coins securely. 

Buy Your First Bitcoin Today

Here are a number of reliable and trusted Bitcoin brokers that also offer many alternative coins like XRP, XLM, ADA, and LINK, plus countless others.

Safely Store Your Crypto

Leaving your coins on an exchange long-term can leave you vulnerable to losing your entire portfolio. The best and safest protection for your coins is by using a hardware wallet that stores your coins offline. 

Want to Create REAL Wealth with Bitcoin?

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Learn more and see how crypto is changing lives daily.

Become a Bitcoin expert before it goes mainstream and you miss your chance to create generational wealth. 

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