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On Demand Video Course To Get You Started Trading Cryptocurrency

Gain important insight to start trading safely and profitably

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“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’.”

If you missed your chance to become a Bitcoin millionaire, pay close attention because 2022 will be the year of crypto and more people will create financial freedom this year than any other time in history.

I asked my close friend and millionaire crypto trader to share everything he knows about trading crypto and making money with Bitcoin.

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If you would like help creating financial freedom in the crypto space, we are sharing everything we know that helped us quit our jobs and live 100% the Bitcoin Lifestyle. 

Don’t Trade Bitcoin Before Watching These Videos

Security Practices

Practicing good security with your crypto accounts and wallets will only pay off long term. It’s not hard to lose your cryptocurrency, because you did not take the time to setup Two-Factor Authentication [2FA] on your exchange account[s].

I have seen this happen to multiple people over the years, and it’s always a sad story. Don’t let this happen to you!


Do not make trading decisions based on ’emotion’ or the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’… these kind of trading decisions usually end in a loss of value / money.

ex. New traders FOMO into trades, when a coin asset has already pumped [meaning that they actually missed the opportunity to buy low.] However they buy in anyways, thinking that it’s only going to keep going up, only for it to eventually correct back down and put them in the red [at a loss.]

It’s best to stick to a gameplan or strategy, than to make trading decisions based on a fear of missing out… because if you catch yourself experiencing FOMO, that means you already missed out!

Do Your Research

It’s important to know how to ‘Do Your Own Research’ when trading the cryptocurrency market. It would be ill advised to blindly follow much or any of the recommendations or suggestions you see on social media. Question everything no matter who it’s coming from! Research official sources / websites, crypto community chat groups and more to really delve into a project and be able to decide for yourself if the project actually has strong fundamentals and a real world use case… or if it’s just vaporware that you should stay far away from with your money.

Have a Gameplan

Every winning trader has a gameplan for each trade. It’s important to have a solid entry and exit strategy. You are only buying when certain factors align in the market, according to your gameplan. And the same thing when it comes to selling for profit. Formulating a solid gameplan takes having some level of understanding of the markets and how to analyze them to make trading decisions.

Risk Management

Every trader who sticks around for the long term practices ‘Risk Management’. It’s important to limit your position sizes, do not go ‘ALL IN’ on any one trade. Have an ‘exit strategy’ for winning AND losing. And exercise the use of a ‘stop loss’ to help you cut the cord on a trade that is going south on you, with no emotion.

Crypto Storage

Do not store your crypto on the exchange for longer than several days [for short term trading purposes.] Withdraw your cryptocurrencies to their official wallet’s or use cold storage wallet solutions for maximum security and protection against hackers. [Ledger, Trezor, Bitfi.]

See crypto wallet reviews here

Trade the Trend

One of the important and really very simple rules that all winning traders follow is to ‘Trade with the trend’ and NOT against it.

Of course it really helps to understand what you are looking at, when peeking at the charts. With just a little education, you will be able to gain a greater understanding of trends and market cycles which will help you be able to identify the prevailing trend and trade it appropriately for maximum profit!

Immerse Yourself

The trader’s who make the most money with the crypto market are immersing themselves in the daily information flow and news cycle. It pays to be ahead of the curve on certain markets information, which may end up help you to properly buy low or sell high to maximise your profit potential in a given trade.

One excellent and highly recommended strategy is to find and take part in an active and experienced crypto markets mastermind chat group. Educating yourself is key, and surrounding yourself with people who are experienced [and immersing themselves] in an area you are working to also excel and immerse, is only going to help propel your success to higher levels FASTER.

Learn Market Analysis

In order to develop a winning gameplan, it really helps to know how to analyze the crypto market on two different levels… Technically and Fundamentally.

Technical Analysis is a study of repeating patterns / fractals, trading volume momentum to help trader’s determine support and resistance levels of which to base their trading decisions on and develop a trading ‘gameplan’.

Fundamental Analysis involves the news cycle and launch dates, which can have a strong effect on when a coin will pump and collectively dump. These kind of events can provide some predictable trading opportunities.

Avoid Crypto Scams!

You are perfectly capable to learn how to trade, invest and even mine the cryptocurrrency market for profit yourself… I know people of all ages from young to very old who have been able to learn how to get into cryptocurrency and learn how to manage their own portfolio.

What is the one thing they all had in common? They all took responsibility for their success and learned how to trade Bitcoin themselves.

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