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Did you know you can get paid Bitcoin to participate in surveys? We searched the internet high and low to find the best paid survey sites that offer Bitcoin as a reward. Initially we thought we uncovered a gold mine of opportunities to collect free Bitcoin but it didn’t take long till we found over half the survey sites were scams.

Luckily after digging deeper, we came up with 9 survey sites that will you pay you Bitcoin today and they have a number of simple ways for you to participate and start earning. 

New Surveys & Free Offers That Pay Daily Bitcoin Rewards 


You might have heard about sites that pay you to give your feedback and volunteer for a variety of different questionnaires.  In the past, because dealing with banks and restrictions and delays, the payment could takes days, weeks and even months. You probably would forget that you even completed a survey by the time you got the check in the mail. 

Welcome to 2020, where you can now have Bitcoin payments sent to your account daily for doing things you do on the internet every day. 

How To Earn Bitcoin Without Investing

We weeded out the bad apples and found a few trusted survey and promotional websites that will pay you in cryptocurrency when you share your opinion and help companies out. 

#1 Feature Points

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 1

Feature Points is a mix of surveys, offers, trials and cash back rewards all in one house. They also have a mobile app where you can take advantage of most of the offers from your phone and earn while on the go. 

Feature Points pays out in cash, gift cards and Bitcoin. You might as well do all your shopping through Feature Points to get the best deals and largest cash back offers.  

#2 Rewarding Ways

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 2

This site is full of every type of survey you can imagine and they all pay out in Bitcoin. They also have cash contests which is extra money you can earn if you are actively completing surveys. 

You could spend days on this one site alone filling out surveys so make sure to add it to your list. Check out Rewarding Ways here 

#3 Offer Nation

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 3

A very popular and active website with plenty of surveys and offers is Offer Nation. Think of Offer Nation like a portal to all survey sites. They have been around forever and host a wide variety of surveys, promotions, trials and more. You will stay busy for days sharing your ideas and helping companies out and they will reward you for your contributions in cash or Bitcoin. 

#4 SuperPay

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 4

If you want access to new surveys that are refreshed daily from hundreds of companies, SuperPay is one of the best survey sites we have seen that pay you Bitcoin the same day.  You can also watch videos and visit websites and get paid to do things you are probably already doing. 

Registration is quick and you get a free bonus when you sign up with our link. You can also get paid in cash or giftcards if you choose.  Work from whenever and wherever you like and start earning some extra money at SuperPay today. 

#5 Reward XP

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 5

A simple and user friendly site you can access with your Facebook account that gives you the option to fill our surveys or play video games to earn XP points. These XP points are then converted to cash, gift card or Bitcoin. You will find the Reward XP site to be less intrusive and busy than most of the other survey sites. 

#6 Time Bucks

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 6

Not only is this site full of surveys and offers but they also have huge lists of recommended survey sites you can visit that will pay you for your opinion. TimeBucks also has mobile and tablet offers and will keep you busy for days with refreshed offers being constantly added. 

#7 Ebuno

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 7

A new site launched in 2019 is much like the other survey and trial sites. They also have games and unique offers that are hard to find and you will be happy to know that Ebuno will pay you Bitcoin when you complete their offers.

One other perk I really like about Ebuno is they give you free money just for being a member, whether or not you fill out any surveys or complete tasks.  This is just one of many ways you can earn with Ebuno. 

#8 Get Paid

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 8

With a name like this, you should only expect to get one thing from this site. All the offers, surveys and tasks that will pay you Bitcoin by end of day. You can also find games, contests, daily spins and more so head over right now if you want to get paid. 

#9 Instars

9 Survey Sites That Give Free Bitcoin 9

Last on the list is Instars. Even though this site is smaller and not as active, we put Instars on the list because of the unique surveys you can find and their dedication to growing the crypto community. There might not be a lot of surveys and offers on Instars yet but we are going to keep an eye on it and update you as the site expands.

Here is just a small list of all the survey websites that pay you in Bitcoin that we considered to have a strong history of reliable and timely payments.

If you like earning free Bitcoin, you might want to see the list of the best ways to make money with Bitcoin here.

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