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Energy efficient bitcoin is a new ERC-20 token that hopes to be the future of cryptocurrency.

The EEB team also believes that every single transaction can lead to energy savings around the world.

We are going to explore this EEB new token, answer your common questions and show you how to get your hands on them if you are interested.

What is EEB?

EEB is a smart token that solves the problem of mining more environmentally friendly crypto-coins.

It is an ERC-20 token that works to solve the problem of environmental impact.

The EEB team will work with hardware manufacturers and other industries in order to reach their goal.

Who is Behind EEB?

EEB is collaborating with Oairo, a patented and highly effective computer unit air-conditioning technology that reduces electric consumption by over 70%.

Proceeds from the issue of EEB will be used to purchase, install, and maintain Bitcoin mining units that are energy efficient. The ERC-20 token EEB was created to create finance for energy efficient projects around the world. The Bitcoin produced will provide the source for installing energy efficient projects internationally.

Why EEB?

One goal behind the founding of EEB is to produce the “EEB Protocol”, which will establish a set of energy efficient standards for Bitcoin mining.

Without the Oairo system, the cooling expense for a year was estimated to be 73 MW – but after all of Oairo’s energy efficiency innovations were installed and modelled in IESVE, we were able to keep it at just 19 MW – a savings of 73.9%.


Energy Efficient Bitcoin is working with mining machine developers to optimize Bitcoin mining using Oairo technology.

Oairo is a patent-pending HVAC technology that reduces energy use for cooling by over 70% and allows you to mine crypto using the more efficient mining units.

More broadly, the Oairo system was able to keep temperature of its mining-computers at a consistent 20°C. As a result, the processors were able to run faster and therefore operate more efficiently.


Date: June 3rd  2021 — June 13th 2021 (or as long as supply lasts)

Total token supply: 250,000,000 EEB

Total hard cap: 250,000,000 EEB

Soft Cap: 200,000,000 EEB

Reserve: 50,000,000 EEB


 Pre-sale: 200 million EEB

 30% Bonus: for 100 million EEB. 1 EEB = $0.14

 25% Bonus: for 50 million EEB. 1 EEB = $0.15

 20% Bonus: for 50 million EEB. 1 EEB = $0.16


 Buy-back Program

 Days From Launch 366-373 Buy Back Price $0.22

 Days From Launch 731-738 Buy Back Price $0.242

 Days From Launch 1096-1103 Buy Back Price $0.2662

 The Buy-back program will be run on the CCX Exchange


Launched, June 4th, CCX is the first climate-friendly crypto exchange.

The next ERC20 smart token to launch on the CCX exchange is EEB – Energy Efficient Bitcoin.

EEB has a greater focus on retrofitting existing mines to generate value by reducing the miners’ electricity costs for cooling.

The plan is to launch a smart token dedicated to supplying funding for energy efficiency projects worldwide. This will take place under the HVAC partner Oairo’s banner.

EEB is an ERC-20 token and available for trade on the world’s first crypto marketplace dedicated to raising funds to promote climate change.

In order for the EEB token to be listed; the token needs to have a clear counter-climate change utility, must have proven technology, must offer long-term monetary value, meaning there is available liquidity.

Final thoughts

With more and more interest on green-friendly technologies, it makes perfect sense for EEB to enter the space.

This token has a lot of potential, and it will be interesting to see how this project develops in over time.

For now, EEB tokens are one way for those who want their crypto investment to have long-term potential but still want some degree of environmental responsibility; EEB might be a good option for you.

Get more detail about Energy Efficient Bitcoin here 

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