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We recently looked at the Fuze card, the card that offers an all-in-one solution to house all your credit cards, debit cards, gym and membership cards, gift cards and even your cryptocurrency. It even has an LCD screen on the front that displays a ton of useful information. We discuss our experience and what we learned as we do a full review on the Fuze and FuzeW cards. 

What is the Fuze Card?

fuze card fuze card

The initial release of the Fuze card allowed you store all your credit cards on one device. This device replaces your credit cards, or any cards that use a bar code or magnetic strip, and can be used anywhere credit or debit cards are accepted.

The newest version, the FuzeW, allows you to store Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies offline but be able to access them while on the go at any POS with a swipe of your FuzeW card. 

How does the Fuze Card work?

fuze charger

There are two different Fuze cards and we will go into more detail on each below.

Each Fuze card comes with a charging and scanning unit that can be plugged into your phone. Plugging your card in for a short time will give it enough batter power to last more than 30 days. 

The scanning device is plugged in via audio jack and enables to you to quickly transfer your bank card or gift card data onto your Fuze card.

You just swipe your card into the reader that comes with your Fuze card and within seconds your cards are stored. 

The Fuze card is built to store any card with a magnetic stripe or bar code. Just think of how many cards you have. This means all your debit, credit, gym, gift, and grocery cards can all be used anywhere from one device. 

The FuzeW is the card you want if you own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and want to be able to safely store them offline but still be able to spend them anywhere credit or debit is accepted.  

Fuze card for credit cards

The Fuze card, the original card that stored all your credit cards on one next-generation device can store more than just your bank cards. Use your Fuze card at the gym, grocery store and stash all your gift cards in one spot so you are not keeping track of a bunch of cards.

The LCD digital display on the front of card with buttons for scrolling through, lets you see all the cards you have stored on your device and use them whenever you like. 

FuzeW card for Bitcoin

One of the hassles of owning Bitcoin is being able to spend it when you wish. We have seen different credit cards come and go that give you the ability to spend your Bitcoin but the storage features was often lacking in security. FuzeW is the first credit card product we have seen that considers security a priority and stores your Bitcoin offline, yet you can still withdrawal from your available balance anywhere debit and credit cards are accepted. 

FuzeW card for crypto

You will find some of the most popular cryptocurrencies can now be securely stored but available to spend when you deposit your coins in your FuzeW crypto wallet: Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Doge and more to come.

You can rely on your coins being away from prying eyes completely offline but you have a magical device that can spend them from anywhere. 

FuzeW card wallet security

Most people keep their coins on exchanges or wallet providers that are vulnerable to attacks. When you use the Fuze wallet, you are taking advantage of the latest security standards that meets the highest rating of financial applications.  

The FuzeW wallet stores your coins offline where they can’t be hacked or accessed. 

In addition to enhanced security, the phone app can prevent you from losing or leaving your card behind by using your Bluetooth and will notify you if you have wandered off too far from your card. 

Fuze Compared

Fuze Card Review 2022: Read this before you buy the Fuze Card 1


Fees: One flat monthly rate that can be waived when using the Blockcard


Fuze Card Review 2022: Read this before you buy the Fuze Card 2

Fuze Card Review 2022: Read this before you buy the Fuze Card 3


Fees: 0% first 30 days. Fees vary by card and tier


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Fuze Card

Fees: Card/hardware wallet starts at $99


Fuze Card Review 2022: Read this before you buy the Fuze Card 6

How much does a Fuze card cost?

There are two different versions of the Fuze wallet with one more in development. You can choose the Fuze card that allows you to store multiple credit cards, gym membership cards, store cards and more on one device. The current price of the Fuze card is $139. 

 The latest version, the FuzeW allows you to store your Bitcoin and favorite crypto and use it on the go. The current price of the FuzeW card is $99.

Fuze card demo


The limits and challenges of Fuze card

Using Fuze can be a huge time saver and enable you to freely move around and spend as you need without carrying a bunch of cards in your wallet. The Fuze card was originally designed to be swiped to make purchases, like we did not that long ago in 2018, but almost all debit and credit cards being issued today have the chip which tells you to insert your card into the machine.

There is a fall back option for when these chip readers don’t work and that’s when you are suggested to try swiping the card.  This is the best way we found to use the Fuze card. 

You can still use these cards and swipe them at the POS machines but there is that extra step of canceling out the process of using your chip and just swiping the card instead. It adds a few seconds to the transaction but it’s still worth it for other perks and conveniences. 

Fuze card fraud

Credit card theft is pretty common and there are always new measure being created to battle the evil-doers. It’s no surprise someone found a way to use Fuze to commit illegal activities. There have been cases and reports of people using stolen credit cards on the Fuze device, trying to be more anonymous and not carry the actual card on them. 

This may continue to happen and the best thing you can do is be smart about how and where you use your credit cards and try to avoid this situation altogether. 

Fuze card legal and regulations

Due to more strict rules and advancing technologies, the Fuze team had some hurdles with the changes banks and credit card companies were were making when switching to an embedded chip for processing the transactions. 

The Fuze company has stated it has coordinated with the financial regulatory team to ensure it’s products meet the standards required so it can also take advantage of the next generation of credit card processing. The card is fully developed, been tested, and apparently working but only available in countries with less strict regulation. 

Fuze card alternatives

Fuze offers two different card devices, one for your everyday use cards that have a bar code, and the other is the FuzeW, designed to secure your Bitcoin but enable you to spend them whenever and however you want. 

Our main interest is FuzeW because we are interested in best devices for storing our crypto. Over the years we have seen companies come and go with different debit cards that withdrew from your Bitcoin but none of them exist today. We have not seen anybody else come close to offering a multi-currency credit card solution that has the same security standards as Fuze.

Right now, Fuze is our favorite multi-purpose credit card, despite the growing pains and transitions. Even if you just want a cryptocurrency wallet and don’t have a need for spending it, this is the coolest way to go in our opinion.

Patrick Moore
Patrick has been a part of the cryptocurrency community since 2014 and created CryptoWhat in 2015 to help new users learn more about cryptocurrencies. Despite not being a financial expert, his passion for cutting-edge technology drives him to share knowledge and information with as many people as possible about the potential of cryptocurrencies and how they will change the financial sector.
By: Patrick Moore
By: Patrick Moore