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If you have cryptocurrency and using multiple wallets, it can be a little tricky to move your holdings around. In this article, we will show you how to transfer BNB on Trust Wallet to

Steps to transfer BNB from Trust Wallet to

First, open your Trust Wallet app and go to the Smart Chain to access the “BNB” balance available and choose to convert to Binance Chain. 

How to transfer BNB on Trust Wallet to 1

On the next screen, you can enter the amount or select percentage of your portfolio you want to convert and then click the blue button that says “Swap.”

After that you are asked to confirm the swap which will begin processing the transaction and can take a few minutes to complete.

You can go back to the home screen and refresh it by swiping down from the top to see your new balance.

Keep in mind this may not happen instantly and you will need to refresh several times.

You will know the transfer is complete when your BNB account reflects the updates.

Once you see the BNB transaction is finalized, you can head over to your app.

Click on the crypto logo at the center of the screen in your tool bar and locate the BNB asset. You may need to click the search icon to find it.

How to transfer BNB on Trust Wallet to 2

Click BNB and then click the “Transfer” button and then click “Deposit” when the new screen pops up.

From here you will be able to copy the BNB wallet address along with BNB Memo. Both of these are required in order to deposit BNB into your wallet.

How to transfer BNB on Trust Wallet to 3

Head back over to your Trust Wallet app, make sure the BNB account is open and click “Send.”

Paste the wallet address and memo from and then enter the amount you want to send.

How to transfer BNB on Trust Wallet to 4

Click “Send” and your transaction will be processed.

There will be a network fee initiating this transfer but it’s low in comparison to Ethereum which charges astronomical gas fees to send funds.

Checking the status of transfer

You should be able to refresh your app and see the funds arrive.

If the transaction is taking longer than expected, you can always check the status of your deposits by going back to the app and clicking on “Account.”

This will show you a list of all your transactions with their corresponding statuses such as “pending,” “success,” and “failed.”

You can also click on the arrow next to each transaction for more detailed information.

We hope this article was helpful in showing you how to transfer BNB.

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