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Bitcoin is one of the most intriguing innovations which is revolutionizing the financial landscape around the world. There is no doubt that the iconic digital asset has grown to become the most popular name in the cryptomarket, with a single bitcoin worth of over $23,421 as of March 2023.

Along with the astonishing progress and revolution in the financial sector, the digital asset has made in all these years, Bitcoin has given us one of the most intriguing mysteries of the era: Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Till date, we know very little about the founder, the financial genius behind Bitcoin.

SCOOP: Is SEC Aware of the Real Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto? 3

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There have been multiple attempts to unveil the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the person or people behind this name. Despite the Japanese origin of the pseudonym, most of the Speculations target the US or Europe-based crypto experts and software professionals.

It is alleged that the SEC is aware of the real identity of the four people behind who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Latest Speculations about SEC and Satoshi Nakamoto

The latest claims from the popular Fox business journalist Eleanor Terrett has generated widespread buzz and speculations. The journalist claims that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) and the famous bitcoin investor Tim Draper are aware of the true identity of the Bitcoin Founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Terrett published her claims via Twitter along with some shocking evidence about the reclusive Bitcoin founder. The calendar of the former official reveals that the SEC member Valerie Szczepanik held a meeting between Satoshi, Draper, and Hinman on August 23, 2017.

It is noteworthy to mention that the meeting wasn’t held secretly. Within three days, the notable bitcoin investor, Tim Draper, resolved the Satoshi riddle with one of the most explosive news on his Twitter. The investor expressed his concerns regarding the speculations and revealed that he was targeted by a Satoshi imposter. The meeting was also covered by a tech publication, The Verge, which gave a detailed insight about the meeting.

It was revealed that the elusive figure discussed the prospective business venture about the new blockchain. However, as soon as the meeting dissolved, a background check was done by the SEC, which revealed that the authority and officials were punked by a fake Satoshi. It is rather shocking and unclear what made Draper and SEC so confident that they were meeting the real Nakamoto.

Hinman and Clayton both declined to respond to these developments. Despite meeting with a Nakamoto imposter still makes former and current SEC officials chuckle, XRP holders claim it’s important. They assert that the enormous volume of meetings with rival companies in the industry may be a sign of how the agency was persuaded to develop a regulatory agenda that would eventually benefit them at the expense of Ripple.

What do we know about the reclusive founder?

SCOOP: Is SEC Aware of the Real Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto? 4

There have been a plethora of claims about the long-lost creator of Bitcoin. From Elon Musk to Nick Szabo to Adam Back, many individuals and crypto enthusiasts have been nominated as the originator of Bitcoin. Many sources have claimed to track down the identity of several individuals involved in the crypto trade.

It is sure that there is some person or group of people behind the source code of Bitcoin who published its white paper in 2009 and published about the cryptocurrency in various emails and media forums. The last email that was credited to Satoshi was received back in 2011. The email addressed a fellow developer and mentioned that Satoshi had allegedly moved on.

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However, it wasn’t the last time we heard about Nakamoto. A final post on a forum was published by Nakamoto which clarified that he wasn’t Dorian Nakamoto. For the unversed, Dormans Nakamoto is a Japanese-American physician who was accused for his involvement in the Bitcoin industry. Since then, Nakamoto has completely disappeared. Many people made attempts to track down the timestamps and location of the emails and the posts Nakamoto made. The sources claim that Nakamoto published his posts from the U.K. or East or West Coast of the USA.

Besides this, we are not even aware about the actual worth of the originator due to the anonymity of the wallets he holds. According to some investigators, it is perceived that Nakamoto owns approximately $20 billion in the BTC. This makes him the ninth richest man in the world.

The escalating values of Bitcoin and the unprecedented growth of cryptocurrency is often cited as a strong reason why Satoshi wants to conceal his identity. The wealth and frenzy that the digital asset has created could lead to grave consequences for Satoshi or creators behind Bitcoin from opponent companies and governments.

As the cryptocurrency grows, it is highly likely that new theories might emerge. It is also important to note that the microstrategy is to invest funds into Bitcoin. However, it cannot be legally done with investors’ funds as they still don’t know who the original creator of Bitcoin is. As a result, several potential investors and newcomers are skeptical to invest in Bitcoin due to the anonymity of its creator.

Wrapping Up

No crystal ball can show us who is the genius behind Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the crypto creator remains an important element of the Bitcoin history and future. New organizations and investors are keen to know about the identity of the founder. The mysterious persona of the reclusive founder is often questioned by both proponents and opponents of Bitcoin, debating about the currency’s future.

Many people still wonder if we’ll ever be able to unveil the real identity of the anonymous founder of Bitcoin.

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