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  • The Metaverse and Web 3.0 cooperation, led by Huawei, had been launched to promote speedy adoption of innovative blockchain technologies in the East Asian Region. 
  • The alliance will collaborate with major key players including Polygon, Morpheus Labs, Deepbrain chain and many more to follow. 
  • The tech-based company aims to expand its horizons in East Asia and beyond.

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As a leading tech firm, Huawei has partnered with other key companies including Polygon, Deepbrain and others to facilitate the development of decentralized technology in East Asia.

Huawei Cloud has joined hands with leading blockchain players to launch its metaverse-inspired agenda to accelerate blockchain adoption in East Asian regions and beyond. The key diverse allies of this metaverse partnership includes BlockChain Solutions, Deepbrain Chain (DBC), Morpheus Labs (MITX), and Polygon (MATIC) along with several others anticipated to follow in the future. 

The latest metaverse initiative also highlights multifarious developments taking place in the decentralized technological space in the Asia Pacific area. Besides this, the metaverse agenda has also coincided with the developments on the artificial computing platform Deepbrain Chain. 

Morpheus Labs and Deepbrain Chain on the recent metaverse co-operation

The recent metaverse alliance has created quite a buzz in the industry. The CEO of Morpheus Labs also commented on the partnership and highlighted the company’s participation in the project. He added that Morpheus Labs is “one of the key partners in Huawei Metaverse – Web3 Alliance.”

Similarly, Deepbrain Chain also placed special emphasis on the company’s involvement in the alliance. Deepbrain Chain is also an innovative blockchain-enabled artificial intelligence computing platform which aims to become the world’s largest cloud computing platform for the metaverse AI community. It is one of the first AI-based cloud computing platforms that has shown significant growth in recent years and established a firm footing in the industry. 

The AI-powered cloud platform has collaborated with multiple nations, including the US, South Korea and Vietnam to work on various projects. It is one of the few accomplished blockchain firms that is enjoying globalization.  

Huawei and its Metaverse-inspired agenda 

The Chinese multinational corporation announced its “heavy-weight alliance” with the leading blockchain companies at the 2023 Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Partnership Leaders Summit in Bali, Indonesia which took place between 22 to 24 February. 

The event brought together over 100 Asia-Pacific partners and important clients from leading I.T. and technology firms such as China Telecom, Cloudsec Asia, Sirius, China Mobile and China Unicorn. The alliance is an excellent gesture on Huawei’s part which represents the company’s dedication to broaden its technological reach and establish greater cross-border collaborations. 

Recent data and reports unveil that Huawei’s global market share has multiplied in recent years, making it one of the top-notch cloud storage brands all over the world. 

This globally-renowned tech firm provides cloud-native and artificial intelligence (AI) services to more than 170 governments in nearly 30 countries, in order to boost digital transformation and double productivity.  The company serves more than 730 million regular end customers throughout the world, showing sheer efficiency and cooperation with their customers. 

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