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  • It is the latest in the firm’s effort to maintain the NFT momentum despite a waning market.
  • Salesforce Web 3 lets clients access several NFT services via a unified platform.

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American cloud-based software company Salesforce has launched a management platform for non-fungible tokens, Salesforce Web 3, that enables its clients to develop token-based loyalty programs powered by digital collectibles.

Salesforce Web3 is touted by the California-based firm as the go-to-NFT platform: allowing users to mint and sell NFTs, manage their activities on a blockchain, and track real-time client data.

“Today, Salesforce is announcing Web3, which enables brands to create connected customer experiences across web2 and web3 with a unified platform,” Salesforce said in a blog post. “The new platform also allows for user process automation through Salesforce Flow.”

With Salesforce Web 3, the company is also introducing Web3 Connect. This new API integration enables brands to have personalized omnichannel experiences across web2 and web3 for an all-around view of how salesforce clients can interact with their NFTs.

Salesforce teams up with multiple consulting firms in Web 3

Salesforce Web3 is being developed in consultation with global consulting firms, including Deloitte Digital, Accenture, and Vayner3, the announcement – which acknowledged the slowing growth of NFTs since the 2021’s craze – noted. NFTs surged in 2021 during the height of the crypto boom, driving the popularity of collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape, and Cryptopunks.

Salesforce NFT rollout follows a pilot program comprising 275,000 transactions the company created for some of its clients, including whisky brand Crown Royal, toy company Mattel, and clothing company Scotch & Soda.

Regarding the launch, Sven Gerjets, Mattel’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, “Salesforce Web3 enhances our NFT collections to help us connect with customers and bring our web2 and web3 systems together. Web3 Connect is powering invaluable insights into our audience and seamlessly bridging web3 channels with the rest of our customer experience.”

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