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Putin boldly claims US dollar will collapse soon

In a recent interview with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, he remarked that the US Dollar will collapse soon and we wanted to examine why he said that, and more importantly, what he is doing to speed up plans of removing the US as financial world leader.  

Will The US Dollar Collapse Soon?

It seems since the early part of the decade we have been under a looming fear of catastrophic economic turmoil. Since most trade occurs in US dollars we have been well protected but there is a real intent to undermine the US, especially after seeing multiple administrations wield it’s financial powers for so long, like some sort of weapon, imposing sanctions and harming other economies just to maintain control. We can now see the rest of the world has had enough, and looking for alternatives, and Russia is just one of a number of countries that aims to steer away from using the current reserve currency.

When we gauge the metrics of our economy, we usually look at employment rates and movement in the market, along with a few other indicators that we will go into further in the article. This is of course the simplest form of measurement and only gives us a regional or national scale of understanding where we stand. 

Some would argue the US is the greatest country in the world with unlimited financial nut this really couldn’t be further from the truth. We are swimming in unsustainable debt and other countries around the world, anxious to take our place, is observing and waiting to make a move – to become the world’s next financial leader.

Russia Treasury & Gold Reserves

Russia was a long-time holder of US treasury securities but they have been ridding of these in favor of increasing their holdings in gold reserves, 400% over the last decade, now climbing pass $1 billion in assets. 

This is another shot at us that pierces our seemingly impenetrable armor that has made us invincible for so decades. I am not trying to be all doom and gloom but it’s not like this should be a surprise. This is another chapter of history repeating itself and frankly, I thought it would have happened by now.  I have been talking about economics and making videos and discussing this since 2011 when I was working at the American Gold Reserve, which ultimately led me to learning about crypto. 

The Petro Dollar

This is what ultimately allowed the US to dominate the world financially and be able to sustain control for so long. Countries were forced to support the value of the dollar because every drop of oil purchased had to be paid for in US dollars. Since every country is in need of oil, they would be required to carry large amounts of US dollars in order to keep importing. Imagine what would happen if this agreement was no longer in place. Unfortunately, this is part of the plan. 

Amazing currency facts

  • Gold and silver have never lost it’s total value
  • Zero government issued currency has succeeded in holding it’s value
  • 20% of currencies have failed through hyperinflation 
  • 21% of currencies were destroyed in war
  • 12% destroyed by independence
  • 24% reformed monetarily and a quarter of those approaching one of outcomes above
  • Shortest life span for currency is one month
  • Average fiat currency lasts 27 years
  • The oldest currency founded in 1694, the British pound has lost 99.5% of it’s value. 
  • 24% of currencies have been reformed and 23

History Repeats Itself

Dozens of countries now face the same fate that brought down some of the greatest empires to ever exist. There are cycles to sound money, money that is backed by gold and every nation goes through these cycles as they grow and ultimately meet their demise.

Initially, all money is backed by gold but eventually, the expenditures become too much for a government to handle. This includes liabilities like social programs and wars that ultimately become too costly as your economy and population grows. What happens next is the first step to destroying the wealth of the citizens – the government prints fiat currency, paper money backed by nothing other than confidence but eventually people lose confidence and start looking for other options. 

And this is where we are today. Russia, China, and many other countries looking at a better way. 

Diversifying Outside US Dollar

It’s hard to tell exactly what is going to happen but it looks to be a rocky road no matter what. There is a clear agenda by some big players around the world that want to undermine the entire economic system in order to gain control and many people will be hurt. It appears this may all be part of the plan to launch a global currency as the World Bank’s former chief economist announces he wants to replace the US dollar with a single super-currency, saying it will allow for more stability. 

I can’t tell you what to do but it would be smart to start thinking about diversifying out of the US dollar possibly. Gold and silver are incredible assets, and well, of course you should be looking at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in my opinion. I truly believe these will be some of the best assets to hold should these events unfold.

In conclusion, at the end of the day, if this were to really happen, you are going to need more than money. You need a plan. You need to have food and water because the grocery stores will by empty within moments of this happening. You need to be financially smart but you also should consider emergency food storage and some other items that could get you through rough times. 

We like to be smart and prepared for any event and we want our readers to be as well.  We don’t think this is going to happen any time soon but I am pretty convinced it could happen in our lifetime so we won’t get caught with our pants down.  

This sweeping new regulation is so intrusive… even the New York Times has said:

An unprecedented power grab hiding in plain sight:

The window to safeguard your money and financial privacy is closing. And it’s rapidly closing fast. I don’t enjoy it one bit but I have been left with little choices. I refuse to standby and let Washington’s control-freak sociopaths confiscate everything I’ve built up over the years.

For this reason, I’ve spent the past several years researching and determining simple, doable techniques that ordinary citizens may use to preserve their money and financial privacy. I highly recommend this Financial First Aid Kit if you are looking for a complete guide to preserving your wealth and financial privacy.

Patrick Moore
Patrick has been a part of the cryptocurrency community since 2014 and created CryptoWhat in 2015 to help new users learn more about cryptocurrencies. Despite not being a financial expert, his passion for cutting-edge technology drives him to share knowledge and information with as many people as possible about the potential of cryptocurrencies and how they will change the financial sector.