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Dollar-cost averaging into digital assets such as Bitcoin can be challenging. In an everyday world, one would need to make cryptocurrency purchases at regular intervals manually. That takes effort, time, and more fees. One platform simplifying all this process is RoundlyX.

roundlyx review
roundlyx review
45 stars

RoundlyX is a crypto investment tool that helps users invest their spare change into different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. This app enables automatic micro-deposits that round up your credit card purchases to the next dollar for crypto assets investment.

It simplifies and automates digital asset investments through what is known as “dollar-cost averaging.” Dollar-cost averaging enables investors to increase their asset investments over time without worrying about price volatility. 

If you’re navigating the waters of digital assets investments, RoundlyX is what you need to reap the benefits of dollar-cost averaging. You can use it to expand your bitcoin investment or other digital assets portfolio with high growth potential.  RoundlyX also enables users to buy & sell cryptocurrency assets.


  • No more manual crypto purchases
  • Easily check balances on different exchanges using the app.
  • Invest in diverse digital assets effortlessly every day as you make purchases
  • Enables you to utilize asset process volatility through dollar-cost averaging
  • Provides impressive user experience


  • Only available to US residents.

Roundlyx Review

Do you want to expand your digital asset portfolio? Are you tired of logging into different exchanges to check your portfolio all the time? Would you love to utilize profitable crypto investment opportunities passively? If your answer to all is YES, this RoundlyX review is for you.

We’ll be exploring the RoundlyX App to the finest depth in this article. You’ll get all the juicy details about it to enhance your crypto investment experience. Let’s dive in to find out all about this innovative platform and if it’s any good in real.

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What is RoundlyX?

Also, this app eliminates the hassles of monitoring digital asset investments spread across multiple platforms. Usually, you must log in to these exchanges to know how your investments are doing. But with this app, you can manage everything in one dashboard. Once you connect these exchanges to RoundlyX, you’re set to view your portfolio at your convenience.

Features of RoundlyX Crypto Investment App

Seamless connections to top exchanges

RoundlyX connects easily to many top exchanges offering a wide range of digital assets. With this app, users can invest passively in multiple cryptocurrencies on supported exchanges. Apart from investing, this app allows them to trade without commission on the connected platforms.

Effortless Management of Digital Assets

RoundlyX enables users who’re not crypto investment and asset management savvy to explore the industry. It offers a single dashboard where anyone can monitor and manage their investments in multiple digital assets. No matter how many platforms you’ve invested into, this app allows you to view them all on the go.

Enables passive crypto-investment  

By rounding up your purchases to the next dollar, RoundlyX helps you to invest in diverse digital assets passively. The process is automated and doesn’t need you to purchase cryptocurrencies manually. As you use your credit card for your daily purchases, the app makes micro-deposits that amount to investable dollar amounts.

Expands your digital assets portfolio

RoundlyX helps users to maximize their return on investment through diversification. It enables you to expand your portfolio by allowing investments into many cryptocurrencies. Instead of focusing on Bitcoin alone, you can add many crypto assets that offer growth opportunities across multiple exchanges.

Provides free access to Dependable News/Analysis

Users of RoundlyX get access to curated news and analysis about the trends and growth of diverse digital assets. Users can also utilize other services that ensure seamless crypto asset investment.

How RoundlyX Works

RoundlyX is an automated investment app that doesn’t require any manual operation. It follows a process of accumulating your roundup in the “Roundup Tracker” every time you swipe your CC to make a purchase.

As soon as the roundups reach a particular threshold, the app purchases the assets you selected based on their percentage. The roundup threshold usually depends on the exchange you connected to RoundlyX. The assets you can buy include bitcoin alongside more than 30 other altcoins.

To get going with RoundlyX, you need to do the following:

  1. Open an account at RoundlyX
  2. Connect your credit card account through Plaid
  3. Connect your crypto exchange account
  4. Start expanding your portfolio by using your credit card

Pros and Cons of RoundlyX


  • No more manual crypto purchases
  • Easily check balances on different exchanges using the app.
  • Invest in diverse digital assets effortlessly every day as you make purchases
  • Enables you to utilize asset process volatility through dollar-cost averaging
  • Provides impressive user experience


  • Available to only US residents currently

Comparing RoundlyX App & Acorns App

Many people are presently utilizing Acorn for asset investment. So if you’re wondering if these two apps are the same, we can say yes and no. Let me explain why quickly.

Acorns app also follows the “round up” model to encourage asset investment. It helps users to expand their portfolio with different assets through dollar-cost averaging, just like RoundlyX. With the Acorn app, you can also monitor the growth of your stocks over time. This is where the similarities end.

But while the Acorn app is for stocks investment, RoundlyX is for crypto investments. You can use your spare change to invest in different stocks with Acorn but use your RoundlyX app to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Roundly X vs Bundil

If you watch Shark Tank, you might have seen that crypto savings round up app that links to your banking cards and rounds up to the nearest dollar, taking your change and investing in a variety of cryptocurrency assets. 

You would think after Kevin O’Leary invested into half the company it would get the Shark Tank boost but if you look in the Google app store, there are only 1,000 downloads at the time of writing. 

There doesn’t appear to be a ton of support the reviews indicate the app is full of bugs.

Is RoundlyX Secure?

As with your digital security and privacy, the protection of your cryptocurrency investment management tools matters more than ever. This crypto investment tool is very secure. Thanks to its stealthy encryption and blockchain technology, any hacker who tries to compromise your account would be wasting his effort and time.

The hackers can’t steal your assets because there’s nothing to steal. The reason is that you’re not storing your crypto assets on RoundlyX but only using it to invest and manage them on multiple exchanges. RoundlyX is not a crypto wallet, so; it doesn’t hold any of your assets.

 If you’re using the exchanges it supports, such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Voyager, etc., you can monitor your investments on them through the app. All you must do is connect the exchange you choose and link your credit card to the app to start investing passively (and securely).

RoundlyX Pricing

RoundlyX is affordable and reliable. With only $1 every month, you can utilize the passive crypto investment tool.

RoundlyX Review Conclusion

RoundlyX is an innovative tool that simplifies crypto-assets investment. Instead of exposing your hard-earned dollars to market volatility through lump sum investments, you can use this app to utilize a dollar-cost averaging strategy.  By rounding up your purchases and investing in your space change, RoundlyX amasses and expands your digital assets portfolio.

While a couple of other services like this exist, it excels the competition because of the ease-of-use. The only thing I do not like about it is, it’s not available to users outside the US. Though, if you’re in the USA, it is an app worth having a go.

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Waqas Sattar
Waqas is a professional journalist and crypto writer. A graduate of computer science, Waqas is highly interested in the intersection of global governance & the decentralized world.
By: Patrick Moore
By: Patrick Moore