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The Web3 and move-to-earn platforms are starting to become a trend in the cryptocurrency industry with their incentive rates rewarding users for performing tasks such as walking, jogging, etc. Following the success of STEPN, there’s been more move to earn projects such as the 

Superstep. Here’s how to claim the superstep airdrop. 

What is Superstep 

Superstep is a fitness Dapp empowered by a jog to earn mechanism where users can earn platform tokens by walking and running. 

Superstep solution to trading health for wealth is to introduce a jog-to-earn mechanism inspired by multiple GameFi which has from time to time proven to be popular and successful. In a nutshell, players turn on the SuperStep app to record their jogging mileage and receive financial reward in $SGST.

The goal of SuperStep is to actualize the monetization of fitness in an ethical and productive way, fostering a vibrant community of work-out enthusiasts and shaping a better world.

Features of

  • Jog to Earn: earn cryptocurrencies by walking and jogging.
  • Staking APY: +1000%Earn up to 1000% staking rewards
  • No Entry Threshold: Start earning without making any purchase

How to claim airdrop

  • Click on Superstep page 
  • Fill in email address and create  password. 
  • Click on register and claim 
  • After this is done, you get 1000 $SGMT. 
  • You can earn a referral bonus in BNB and $SGMT by inviting friends. 

Superstep staking 

900M SGMT (15%) are dedicated to Staking Rewards and Liquidity. The staking period will last three years after the launch. This will encourage long-term holders to participate in staking and earn rewards.

Staking Rewards

Staking is a powerful tool in the cryptocurrency space to drive buy-side interest in the token. A healthy token is not only stable and growing, but also has a considerable liquid market.

Superstep has a rich set of staking rewards, such as:

  • Stake BNB to earn SGMT;
  • Stake SGMT to earn SGMT;
  • Stake SGST to earn SGST.

Members can choose different staking options and will be able to earn up to 500% APY while staking. 


SGMT is a native token in the SuperStep ecosystem which is both consumable and for governance. The supply of $SGMT is limited, with a total of 6,000,000,000 SGMT available for earning and purchasing.

SGMT Utility

SGMT is the governance token of SuperStep, which can be used for voting, staking, and Jog-to-Earn.

1. Governance

Vote to support a proposal by participating in DAO governance.

2. Staking

Earn yield by staking your SGMT.

3. Buy-back

50% of the trading tax will be used for buy-backs.

4. Burns

Sneaker minting and leveling up consume SGMT. Besides, 50% of trading tax will be used for buy-back and burning SGMT.

Superstep airdrop contract address 

SGMT token contract address(BEP20):


Closing thoughts 

Superstep might be the next big move to earn project, however, it is not certain. It is also important to note that cryptocurrencies are very high-risk investments and so proper caution should be taken before making any decisions. 

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