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Crypto Payments Card

Earn 1.5% Back in Bitcoin

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Bonus: Receive $250 for opening and funding an account

Credit Card Bitcoin Rewards

Did you know you can now earn free Bitcoin every time you swipe your credit card to buy groceries or tickets to your favorite concert? But not just any credit card. You need a digital currency cash back rewards card that pays you in Bitcoin, Ethereum or one of your favorite alternative coins.

We found the best places to apply for these cards and start accumulating extra Bitcoin. We found that most of these companies are available to US citizens and most countries around the world.  Depending on where you reside, there may be limitations on where you can receive the card. 

How to earn digital currency cash back rewards?

You can continue to stack your satoshis when you sign up for one of the Bitcoin cash back credit cards. There are different companies we came across that will give you a percentage of every transaction you make back in the form of Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies.  We also found some other ways to earn Bitcoin even if you don’t use a credit card. You will find those below.  

Most popular cryptocurrency credit card rewards companies

We found dozens of companies that claim to offer cryptocurrency cash back reward credit cards but after a deeper investigation, we found only a few legitimately and legally offered this service that we felt comfortable with recommending.  And even the legitimate ones didn’t have a ton of information because most aren’t available yet. They are in coming soon status. 

This is the info we could find on the cards that offer a cash back rewards system that pays in alternative cryptos. Card

crypto payment card

Here is another cool cash back card with 5 different tiers we recently discovered offering some extra perks.  Read review on Crypto card. When you use this card to pay for Netflix and Spotify, they will reimburse you 100% of the costs. They also offer up to 5% cash back plus 10% with AirBnb and Expedia.  

Get $10 when you use this link to signup.

BlockFi Card

Credit Card Bitcoin Rewards | These Credit Cards Reward You With Cash Back In Bitcoin 1

Once you are the owner of BlockFi credit card and do any purchasing through it, you will be able to earn 1.5% of Bitcoin to your purchasing amount. The company will deposit this rewarding amount into your BlockFi account at the beginning of next month. 

Get $250 when you use this link to signup and fund an account.


fuze card

Fuze is more than a Bitcoin credit card. Fuze is also a cold storage wallet that protects your Bitcoin along with other major cryptoucurrency.

There is a lot to cover about this card and there are actually two different cards so if you want an in depth analysis on this card, see our full Fuze card review here.

One Fuze card is capable of storing ALL your debit and credit cards or any card with a magnetic strip. With a digital display on the bottom right corner, you can press buttons to swap through the cards you have filed and use them any time you choose. 

The second card is for your crypto. This means you don’t need multiple devices to store your coins and spend them.  Every transaction you make can all be done using your Fuze card.

Learn more about Fuze and FuzeW here.

Before Fuze was shared with me, I was using the Shift card with Coinbase and another popular cold storage wallet company. The Shift card stopped working so it has been extra challenging using my coins. Now that I have this card, I don’t need any other devices.  

It’s an excellent solution for being able to spend your Bitcoin where Visa and Mastercard are accepted but also know your coins are stored offline and nobody can access them. 

They Fuze card doesn’t include cash back but that doesn’t mean you still can’t store one of your many credit cards that do offer cash back and use your Fuze card as normal to get all the rewards.



Blockrize offers a card with no fees and the extra perk is you get up to 3% cash back in Bitcoin for every purchase you make. 

These rewards can be sent to any digital wallet and the back office and mobile app allows you to track what you’ve spent and how much Bitcoin you have earned.

In addition, unlike many of the other credit cards we have seen with a bitcoin rewards program, this one offers it’s members the currency rewards in real time. 

We are pretty excited for this card and joined the waiting list. We will write a review on this card once we receive it but if you are impatient like us, go sign up for your own Blockrize card free here. 



The Pei app allows you to visit thousands of locations throughout the US and receive Bitcoin or cash when you shop. If In N Out is a partner then I want in! (All of a sudden craving a double-double.) 

Rewards are sent instantly and you will be surprised how many other great companies are on board. 

You can use your current debit card, add it to the system and start seeing the savings instantly. 

On top of the cash back, you can receive Pei Points which can be used towards other purchases. 

Use your card with peace at mind secured by bank-level encryption 2-factor authentication. 

Pei goes one step further to protect your account by anonymizing your data and working directly with your financial institutions to ensure accuracy.

Sign up with Pei free.  Use referral code “7wwhwz” and get $5 added to your account.


revolut card

Plenty of style points, and some interesting perks for those that want to live like the elite. The card benefits include concierge services, free travel insurance, disposable virtual cards and crypto trading platform. Maybe that’s why it cost $140, or around $15 a month. 

With all that out of the way, if you have expensive taste and prefer champagne over water, you might spend enough to earn enough cash back to pay for itself. 

For those looking for a basic credit card that offers Bitcoin cash back rewards, this is not the one. This is an essential lifestyle product for business owners according to a Revolut representative. 

If you plan on buying a lambo or a yacht or you just want to impress your friends, this may be the card for you. 

Get the revolut card here. 

Shopping Online To Earn Bitcoin with Lolli

Not only can you earn free Bitcoin through cash back rewards from credit card purchases but you can sign up for some of the Bitcoin cash back services that partner with name-brand merchants around the world that you already shop with. They will pay you every month in the form of Bitcoin when you shop through their portal. 

Let’s look at the top shopping networks that pay you back in digital currencies.

Lolli: A shopping companion that kicks you back Bitcoin every time you buy something you need is fantastic when you can get 5% – 30% back on all your purchases.

Register for your free account here and start getting free Bitcoin.

You can use the website if you want to make a purchase or if you are like me and never want to miss an opportunity to earn some free Bitcoin, you can easily install the extension into your favorite web browser.

Credit Card Bitcoin Rewards | These Credit Cards Reward You With Cash Back In Bitcoin 2

A percentage of every purchase you make with one of the qualified merchants is going towards growing your Bitcoin account.

With a large network of partners to shop with, you will find the Lolli extension can be a great way to increase your crypto balance.

Recently announced, if you are a Postmates user, you can now enjoy those sweet crypto rewards every time you eat! That means you could be earning cryptocurrency three times a day. 

Withdrawing is very easy if you wish to exchange to cash. Once you have $15 in rewards, it becomes available for you to withdrawal. 

There are more shopping networks that pay you in Bitcoin if you were interested.

More ways to grow your Bitcoin portfolio

If you currently own Bitcoin and want to grow it’s value, most of us are just hodling and being patient but what if you could earn interest on the Bitcoin you already own? Opening up a crypto interest account with BlockFi would allow you a maximum gain of a compounded interest at 6.2%.  Interest begins accumulating on day one and you only need a balance as small as .5 of a Bitcoin to start. You can also invest and grow your Ethereum interest if that is your preference.  

Read our BlockFi review and learn how it works. 

Available globally, opening a crypto investment account can be an excellent way to diversify and increase your crypto net worth. 

Keep stacking your Bitcoins

If you like shopping and getting crypto cash back rewards, you might like our list of websites and portals that will pay you Bitcoin when you make a purchase. 

Keep checking more for more ideas and strategies to help you keep earning Bitcoins. 

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