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Bitcoin Investor Guide

Day 1: Trading Security and Best Practices

My Bitcoin trading mentor and close friend created a free 10 day course getting you better educated on the fundamentals of trading Bitcoin and preparing you for a long-term future of success. Watch the first video below where you learn some of the basics to securing your funds and protecting your account. 

What you will learn in this video…

Securing and controlling your funds
Using cold storage
Two-factor authentication
Avoid phishing scams

My Bitcoin Trading Mentor and Close Friend

Meet Caleb Wright. We both got into cryptocurrency together back in 2014 and worked very closely at a financial technology company.

We have helped thousands of people change their lives by introducing them to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin Lifestyles training and education program was launched so the average person can get the right education and participate in the Bitcoin markets.

It’s easy to be led astray and not follow the best methods for storing your crypto.

We will never suggest or recommend you do anything we don’t do or recommend our friends and family to do.

We do our best to educate our members and make sure they are being smart about their fiances and storing their Bitcoin safely. 




Up next: Crypto storage and best methods

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